Posted on July 18, 2012

My BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review


So as you may know a while a go Lero & I were sent a BlackBerry Curve 9320 each to play with, Lero got his review online the other day and now here are my thoughts. Firstly I will say I have an iPhone 4 and have had for a year and a half! I adore my iPhone so when I picked up the BlackBerry I found it very strange & different! I’m not going to compare it to the iPhone though because the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is not in the same price range as an iPhone so I don’t think that it is a fair comparison to make! I’ll just tell you how I got on with the phone! I will say it took me a good while to get used to not having a touch screen but after getting used to it I really like the userbility of the BlackBerry and was taken back to my old Nokia. I found the keys a bit small at first and was always pressing some other letter when I was typing; but after a couple of days I had mastered it and it was like I’d never been away from a phone with a keypad!

I am a Social Media addict so any phone that I use must be able to access Twitter, Facebook etc and the BlackBerry Curve already has the app’s for Twitter & Facebook installed (like it knew I was coming;)) These app’s work perfectly well, very easy to use & understand. Using the Internet is easy to and I didn’t have problems with slow loading times etc; it is very basic but you get what you pay for. Emails are easy to set up and access and then there is BlackBerry messenger too which I only use with Lero as I don’t actually have any friends who own a BlackBerry! So if you’re reading this and want to add me send me a quick email 😉 BBM is perfect for teenagers to keep in touch, share photos and even send group messages – I know Lero really loved this feature of his phone.

I find the battery life really quite good on the BlackBerry I’ve only charged it every 2-3 days – I guess that would depend on how much you would use it though; but I am definitely happy with that!  I’m pretty happy with the camera too, It is only a 3.2MP camera which is the same as my first ever digital camera 13 years ago but I have taken some pretty decent pictures of the kids in daylight, I would never use the flash on these things as they are pretty harsh but then I am a natural light photographer so I’d never use a flash anyway! Here are a few photos I have taken of the kids with the BlackBerry Curve 9320…

They’re not professional by any means but I don’t think they are too bad and would print out to a pretty decent size too! So I personally am happy with the camera; it’s never going to take professional photos but is great for snapping when you’re out and about 🙂

The App store is great and I have downloaded some pretty decent apps for the BlackBerry! My favourite which was already installed when I switched the phone on is ‘Word Mole’ I am totally addicted to it! It’s just a simple game where you have to make words from a grid & I will play for hours if I had chance! Another App that is great is ‘Gokivo’ which turns your BlackBerry into a satnav and it is FREE! It seems to work pretty well too although it hasn’t navigated me far yet 😉 There are also some good photo editing apps unfortunately not instagram 🙁

Anyway I am loving the BlackBerry Curve 9320; especially the size and design of it; it’s all very dinky and smooth! It’s available on Pay as you go from £116.96 or monthly from £10.50 which I think is an absolutely bargain and would suit any teenager down to the ground!


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  • Reply Kara Spencer July 19, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    I used to love my Blackberry, I never thought I would change to an iphone, I must say I am a rare person who actually loves both, this looks cute and what a fab price, I agree if you are new to smartphones or a teenager this looks perfect x

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