Posted on January 28, 2011

Mumpreneur Feature – Rhiannon

Mum in Business

Rhiannon from Little Tots Baby Shop is our mumpreneur feature this morning! Fab idea Rhiannon :O)

Who are you?
My name is Rhiannon and I’m 29 years old, married mummy of two little girls.  I’m originally from Barry, South Wales.  The home of Gavin and Stacey!

What do you do?
I run an online baby shop called Little Tots Baby Shop.

When did you establish your business?
Very recently!  November 2010.

What made you start your own business?
After having my second daughter in April 2010 I didn’t want to go back to the mundane 9-5 that I’d done previously.  I wanted to do something that I enjoyed, that could be done from home but also meant I could look after my children and not have to worry about what work would say if one of them was sick, had the doctors, something unexpected happened as it always does when you have children!
I am completely besotted by my children and I know every mother out their feels the same.  I love dressing them up in pretty dresses, smart outfits and lovely tops but have never been able to afford (or justify) some of the prices out there.  I started buying bits for my girls from eBay but got frustrated when I got outbid on something!  So I started up Little Tots Baby Shop selling pre-loved clothes in as new condition at a fraction of the cost.  I spent my maternity leave sourcing stock from family and friends, car boots etc.  I have a very good eye for detail so make sure everything we stock is in as good a new quality.  There is nothing on the site that I wouldn’t put on my own children (apart from maybe the boys stuff but you know what I mean!)
My sister is also part of the company and we have recently registered as a Limited company and hope to soon bring in a product that helps babies with colic.  Its something close to our hearts as we have both had children who have had colic and know how harrowing it can be listening to your child scream for hours on end.  So its all very busy and all very exciting!

What do you love about working for yourself?
I love doing something I enjoy rather than doing something because it pays the bills.  I love the flexibility I’ve got and can work around my girls – I take my oldest to school every day and look after my littlest one.  I’d never be able do that if I went back to office work.
I also love meeting new mums that are similar to me in that they’ve started their own business and want to make it work.  I attend a welsh mums in business networking event once a month and there’s no one more determined than a mum starting her own business!
I’m also loving the marketing side of business.  Its fun networking and trying to get your name out there and thinking of new ways to do so!

Is there anything you do not like about working for yourself?
The money isn’t great at the moment but hopefully we’ll get there.  Its still very early days and I’m still getting the name out there!  My determination and passion for what I do more than compensates and staying home with my children is amazing, I love it!  My oldest one makes my littlest one laugh all the time and after a hard day or not many sales, it makes me realise why I do this. 

Is there anything you would go back and do differently if you could?
I’d buy a digital camera from the start!  I’ve got a good one but need to buy a better one as some of the photos on the site don’t do the clothes justice.

What advice would you give to a Mum considering starting her own business?
Do it!  I would rather try and fail than sit at my desk doing my boring job, wondering about what could have been.
If you have an idea, research it and if you think its viable go for it.  I was trapped in my job for a long time because the money was so good and I was scared of failing.  Now we’ve just pulled our belts in a little now and my husband is so happy I’m home with our girls. 

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