Posted on February 11, 2011

Mumpreneur Feature – Nikki Waterlow

Mum in Business

Nikki from Callisto Jewellery is my Mumpreneur Feature today :O)

Who are you?
Hi my name is Nikki Waterlow and I am a mum of 3 ½ year old twin boys, Charlie and Dylan.  I have been married to my husband Tim for 16 years and have worked in Insurance for most of my life, at least until my boys were born.  We live in near Bristol but I am originally from Scotland.

What do you do?
I run my own fledgling business called Callisto Jewellery.  I make all kinds of unique costume jewellery and sell via craft fairs and house parties.  I am also trying to branch out to make my own handmade gifts, mainly sewing and crocheting. I just love to craft so I’m enjoying trying my hand at a few new skills.
I have a shop online at and this sells my jewellery and handmade gifts.  Folksy is a great online store, it sells items made by Craftspeople in the UK and you buy directly from the Craftsperson. 
Recently I have been contacted by a local gift shop in my nearest town and they are going to stock a small range of my jewellery and gifts.  This is really exciting, I never imagined I would be heading into retail !
When did you establish your business?
My business has only been running since late 2010 but I have been learning to make jewellery since before my boys were born.  I would do it from time to time when my boys were little but it has only been in the last 6 months, now that the boys are at pre-school, that I found more time to do it more.  I realised that I was good at it and that there was a business there waiting to be born, I just needed the courage.

What made you start your own business?
I had been thinking about what I was going to do with myself once the twins went to school and I wanted to do something that I could fit around school and do from home.  The jewellery making seemed to the ideal thing, and whats more I really loved doing it.  I definitely didn’t want to go back to an office job and I felt strongly that my creative side needed to come out and play !

What do you love about working for yourself?

I love the creativeness in what I do.  Working for myself means that I can make decisions about where my business goes and take responsibility for it myself.  In my previous working life I have always worked for other people, its definitely more challenging doing it for yourself.
Is there anything you do not like about working for yourself?
Its difficult sometimes creating something that you hope someone else will like, sometime I would like someone else’s opinion on what I am making.  Although my husband is very supportive, he doesn’t know much about jewellery !
Also there is no switch off time, last night I was sewing up Lavender Hearts at midnight to complete an order.  I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it though.
Is there anything you would go back and do differently if you could? 
I would start off as I mean to go on with keeping accounts of expenditure.  I already have a big pile of invoices to go through and log, its never as appealing as making the jewellery itself !
What advice would you give to a Mum considering starting her own business? 
Think your business through at every level before you start.  Something that seems simple can sometimes be more complex that you imagine.  If you prepare yourself well in the beginning thats the best start you can get. 
If you do what you love, nobody else can do it better that you !

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