Posted on November 2, 2018

Mummy And Me: A Mother’s Guide To Me Time


When you give birth, your whole life changes. Suddenly there’s a tiny little person that relies on you for their survival, and this is a huge responsibility. So huge in fact that sometimes you can find yourself giving all of your time, focus, attention, and energy to them and leaving zero time for yourself. The scary thing is that this then creates a  precedent and a pattern, one that can be tough to break out of during the remaining years of their childhood. That is why it’s crucial to have some things in your life that augment your role as a mother. A topic you can find out more about in the post below.


One tactic for setting aside some time for yourself every day that is gaining popularity amongst people from all walks of life, mothers included is meditation. Meditation is all about providing a space for yourself to be just as you are without having to do anything, or fulfil anyone else’s expectations of you or attend to their demands on your time.

In fact, when you first start to mediate this can feel pretty weird, as we are so used to gaining meaning and purpose from the things we do. However, over time the goal is to better get in touch with who you really are, how you are feeling, and what you are experiencing. Something that can be a huge benefit for busy mothers, as other opportunities to relax and get quite in this way can be very limited.

Personal development

Another strategy that can work well to provide mothers some me time is to commit to a programme of personal development. Now, this can take a variety of forms, and it may be that you choose to learn a new practical skill, focus on a particular project, or even commit to advancing your education.

Could study be the me time you are looking for?

Of course, striking the right balance between such endeavour and family life isn’t always easy. Although, finding time or classes in the evenings, for after the kits have gone to bed can help.

It’s also possible to take a course like the ones that are offered by Aston Online via distance learning. Something that can not only help give you some much needed time focusing on something for yourself but also help to bolster your CV and so boost your career progression too.

Reading for pleasure

It’s one thing to read a textbook because you have to, and a wholly different experience to read purely for pleasure. However, the great thing about including more reading in your life is that it can provide access to a myriad of worlds and experiences that you would never usually have access too.

Of course, by immersing ourselves in these worlds, we also get an often much need break from the challenges and even the monotony unity of wiping running noses and watching Peppa Pig.

Happily, there are plenty of easy ways to include more reading in your life, whether it’s something as simple as heading to be 30 minutes earlier to read another chapter, or joining a local book club. An activity that can provide an opportunity to get out of the home environment and discuss mature issues with other grownups.

It’s even possible to use audiobook apps to download the latest best sellers so you can listen to them while driving or doing jobs around the home if you are pushed for time.  


It can be tough to maintain friendships as an adult and throw becoming a parent into the mix, and it can seem almost impossible. In fact, if you ask mums which friend they see the most, it’s likely to be the parents of their children’s playmates!

Now I’m not saying that mommy friends aren’t great, because who else will listen to you moan about potty training over a glass of white wine, and know where you are coming from?

However, it can also be beneficial for mums to maintain the friendships that they had before the kids come along, especially if they are the sort of person that is refuelled by spending time in others’ company. To that end, scheduling in regular meals out and activities that get you out of the house and allow you to have a break from the traditional familial role for the night may just be the perfect solution to your me time problem.

Community work

For some people, a quiet house, a comfy sofa and a good book, sounds like the best possible way to spend their me time. However, not everyone is built the same. In fact, many folks need the structure and gratification of being involved in a specific project, one where they know they are making a positive difference to their community or the wider world.

That is why for some mums getting involved in a community project can be just the medicine that their me time needs. Luckily, you won’t find a shortage of projects in your local area to get involved in, as counsels, and organisations are often crying out for people to assist with fundraising efforts, planning, committees, and the like.

Alternatively, you may have a specific charity or cause in mind that you would like to promote and raise funds for, and this may lead you to found your own organisation. Something that would make an excellent and productive use of your me time, as well as give you a goal outside of the family to focus on.


We all know that exercise can be great for personal development, as it can help us to feel better both mentally and physically. Of course, it also provides a time when we can be focused on nothing but ourselves and what is going on in our own body and mind, making it sort of like a moving meditation.

Obviously, this makes regular excise another great activity choice for mums that want to have a little me time away from the family too. Me time that will not only help them retain a sense of self, but that will allow them to recharge and return to the family unit refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that motherhood brings.

* Featured Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

* This is a collaborative post.

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