Posted on January 17, 2018

Mum in Business – Jo Scott

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Good morning everyone! Today we have another lovely mum in business on the blog. Please welcome Jo from 4Breadsticks. You can also Jo on Facebook and Twitter so make sure you pop over and say hi. Jo is very kindly giving away three 4Breadsticks to my lucky readers so make sure you read right to the end to see how you can win! ?

Who are you?

I’m Jo Scott, a mum of two girls aged 6 and 8, living in West Sussex.

What do you do?

After a long career in marketing communications, I was lucky enough to become a full time mum for several years. I now work part time as a virtual PA and proofreader and I’m also trying to make a success of 4breadsticks!

When did you establish your business?

Two years ago.

What made you start your own business?

I was looking for a way to generate income and had a need for a way to transport long breadsticks as a snack on the go for my daughters and I couldn’t find anything. I thought if I had that need maybe others would too, and I thought it was worth taking the risk in getting the product developed.

What do you love about working for yourself?

It’s great to have the flexibility of working from home, with hours to suit me, leaving me free to be at the school gate every day, help in the girls’ classrooms and go on school trips etc, as well as catching up with friends and getting everything done at home.

Is there anything you do not like about working for yourself?

I’m not earning anything like my ‘before children’ salary and I don’t have the camaraderie of an office environment but as my hours are flexible I get time to catch up with friends during the day and less money is a small price to pay for freedom!

Is there anything you would go back and do differently if you could? 

I would have invested in a product sleeve earlier so the product looked more professional when I first approached retailers. I didn’t think I could afford it but it was worth it.

What advice would you give to a  mum  considering starting her own business? 

Go for it! If you’re confident of your idea and you’ve googled any competition (or hopefully lack of it!) and you think there’s a need for your product or service just get out there and do your best to spread the word as much as you can.

As I said Jo is kindly giving away a 4Breadsticks to three of my lovely readers. All you need to do is complete the Rafflecopter below to enter. The winner will be notified by email on the 1st February 2018. Good luck x

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