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March 15 – This Mummy Loves…

This Mummy Loves.../ TML Monthly

Welcome to March’s issue of This Mummy Loves… Here you will find some awesome products that we have been sent to review, ones we have bought ourselves, films we’ve watched, books we’ve read etc.

If you would like to have a product featured in the April edition of This Mummy Loves… please send me an email to to see if your product is suitable.

Here are some products that we have loved this month…

Photo 26-02-2015 15 41 56

Hot Wheels

Bugs was sent this new Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway set to review a few weeks ago and he has been having a blast playing with it. He is really competitive so loves the idea of having to race someone, it makes Hot Wheels a little more fun as he’s not just sat there watching a car go around a track.

This reminds me of a Dragster game that I had when I was little and I used to love that so much. One thing I would say is that it is disappointing that it only comes with one car, which means if you don’t have any other Hot Wheels cars then you can’t play it until you have another one. For me that is a big no-no, selling a product that ‘needs’ two cars but only supplies one.

Photo 26-02-2015 15 58 48

Luckily we did have other cars and Bugs has had nothing but fun with this. The idea of the game is to be the first to knock out their finish flag as they fly around the track. It’s very simple to put together and take apart so you can store it in the box when not playing with it.

Who has the skills and the speed to cross the finish line first?  Send your Hot Wheels flying on the Super Speed Blastway and pitting them against the competition until the finish flag decides who is the ultimate champion!  Drivers launch up towards the grandstands so fast, they knock off the pit crew one at a time with every lap until the car in the lead activates the checkered flag for a grand victory. Kids will love the side-by-side racing action activated by two kid-activated slam launchers. Grandstands feature pop off characters activated by every completed lap around the speedway. Finish flag appears at the end of the race to reward the winner!  Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets so kids can continue to build an entire world of racing thrills.  Priced at around RRP £22.99

Exclusive promotion: buy five Hot Wheels cars to get your hands on a free, limited edition Black Car!  For more details go to

Photo 13-03-2015 16 48 12

Paddy’s Bathroom

We were very excited when we heard about the new bathroom products called Paddy’s Bathroom, launched by founder of Ella’s Kitchen Paul Lindley. We love Ella’s Kitchen products and couldn’t wait to get our hands on these gorgeous smelling products from Paddy’s Bathroom.

The NEW range of certified organic + natural toiletries is especially for little ones! Created by Ella’s Kitchen® Brand founder Paul Lindley, all bubbly Paddy’s Bathroom products have as much natural and organic stuff in them as possible, and they are super gentle and sting-free on little ones’ eyes. On a mission to make bath time exciting the range includes playful textures, heavenly smells, squirty bottles and loaaddss of bubbles! Not only can your little ones benefit from the new Paddy’s Bathroom range, a donation from every sale goes towards the Drop Buy Drop programme, helping kids in Rwanda get access to clean, safe water!

We were so pleased to be sent the full range of products to try out, all packed in a gorgeous Pinch the Lobster Paddlepak from Trunki!

Paddy’s Bathroom products smell amazing, come in awesome packaging and are full of mild and gentle ingredients perfect for you little ones skin! Head over to the website to find out more!

Photo 30-03-2015 10 16 46


Limescale is a bit of a problem in my house, especially in my kettle and iron so I was rather pleased to be sent these fabulous products from Oust! I’ve been busy descaling ever since they arrived and am very pleased with how sparkling everything has come up!

The Drop-in-bag kettle descaler is my favourite as I have such trouble descaling the kettle but this removed all limescale in a matter of minutes! I didn’t know such a product existed and have always used lemon juice to descale but that always took hours!

So if you have a limescale problem do head over to and find out how you can #OUSTyourhouse 🙂

Photo 30-03-2015 10 15 38

The Happy Egg Co

The lovely people at The Happy Egg Co sent me my very own signed copy of Totally Chocolate by Eric Lanlard (OMG such an amazing book!) recently as well as a recipe for Peanut Butter & Chocolate Egg Cups which is created by Eric Lanlard especially for The Happy Egg Co!


We will be making these at the weekend and are all very excited as they looks totally amazing. Why not have a go yourselves…


Just click on the above image for full size! Enjoy!

Photo 30-03-2015 10 12 28

Puzzle Club

Boo loves doing puzzles so was overjoyed when she was sent the Puzzle Club to have a look at. It has kept her busy these last few weeks and she is already wanting her next issue. She finds some of the puzzles challenging but I would say it is perfect for her age (8) and I will happily buy it for her.

Puzzle Club has been recently launched by the UK’s leading puzzle content provider, Puzzler Media and is a bi-monthly magazine for 7 – 11 year olds. It is the first magazine of its kind that is linked to the Key Stage Two National Curriculum. Puzzler Media has developed the title in conjunction with the world’s leading learning company, Pearson.

The magazine is a 64-page compendium of different puzzles and brain-teasers, from crosswords to wordmazes and sudoku puzzles, all designed to engage children and allow them to apply / learn school-learnt knowledge in a fun and less pressured way. It’s also a great way of keeping children occupied on long car, plane or train journeys, get them practising their handwriting, improving their pen skills, or for SATs and even 11+ exam preparation. The magazine is available to buy in WHSmiths, as well as all large supermarkets and good newsagents.

Photo 30-03-2015 10 17 19


We are huge fans of Aveeno products! I have terribly dry skin with patches of eczema and Bugs has had awful eczema since he was very little. Aveeno has been wonderful for both of our skin and I would highly recommend you give them a try if you suffer from dry skin problems. My favourite is the Bath & Shower Oil, it leaves my skin feeling amazing!

Aveeno have just launched their second book “The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie… Happy Skin Holidays” after the success of their first book. You can download both of the eBook’s here they really have helped Bugs understand his skin problems and why I have to keep applying cream.

What I’ve been watching…

I’ve continued with my Charmed obsession on Netflix this month, it’s got a little bit samey so I’m not into it as much as I was, I broke it up a bit and watched the new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is good fun! I’m really looking forward to the new Orange is the New Black series coming in June though!

What I’ve been reading… 

I’m not doing too bad with my 2015 reading list; I’m on my 14th book of the year so far and although I’m not reading as much at the moment as I was back in January I am still on target to read 52 this year! I’ve just finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and am moving onto Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets next. I feel a bit blah about reading the Harry Potter books at the moment, it feels like I’ll never get through them and I didn’t enjoy the first as much as I thought I was going to but I’ll solider on and see how it goes 🙂

Well that’s all for this March, don’t forget to contact me soon if you have a product that you would like to see in April’s edition!

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  • Reply WeeMariewHunter April 7, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Can’t wait to hear more about the Paddy’s bathroom range! Really curious about them!

  • Reply Dash | Mode Lily March 30, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    The Happy egg package looks really nice! I have to find it in shops, my nephew will love that! Thanks for sharing!

    Dash xx

  • Reply Steph @ LittletotsBusyBots March 30, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    Absoloutly love this post, its fantastic, the peanut butter and chocolate egg cps sound devine! <3

  • Reply Caity McK March 30, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Are you on Goodreads? Following other readers I find really encourages me to read.
    That egg book looks amazing! I would love to create my own Easter eggs but am scared of the difficulty.

  • Reply Choclette March 30, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    It’s got to be Eric’s chocolate book for me. Have fun with it over Easter 🙂

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