Posted on May 5, 2011

Mama Jewels Review

Review/ Yummy Mummy

My Cybermummy sponsor Amanda of Mama Jewels recently sent me the most beautiful necklace to review. It really is gorgeous and I wear it every single day! Bugs absolutely loves it and will spend ages just watching it, it seems to really intrigue him how the light catches it! He also loves to chew and suck it – which is fine with me as it can easily be sterilised or put in the dishwasher!

Boo my 4 year old daughter also loves to wear it and play with it and I have no fear of her breaking it as it is super strong; so am happy for her to play with it as much as she wants!

It’s great to be able to pop out and know that you have something their that is going to keep your little one amused if you need to! I stopped wearing jewellery after having kids as a lot of it got broken from babies pulling on it so it is fab to be able to wear jewellery again that looks gorgeous and is totally safe and unbreakable! I love it!! Genius product!!! Mama Jewels gets a brilliant 10/10 from us!

Mama Jewels offer trend inspired, high quality jewellery which is manufactured in the UK and is beautifully packaged.Their jewellery designs and components are elegant, safety tested, non-toxic, washable, can be sterilised and they also give a one year guarantee.

There is currently no other brand available that offers a combination of fashion jewellery which has been safety tested and is made in the UK. They pride their selves on the high quality and safety of their products. Although what they are offer can and is used for breastfeeding mums, they sell their jewellery to women all over the world who simply love their designs.

I have my eye on this gorgeous necklace too which I will be treating myself to shortly!

If you fancy treating yourself too or why not treat a new Mummy friend – you can get yourself a 20% discount of nursing necklaces & bracelets by quoting “CYBERMUMMY20” at the checkout 🙂

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