Posted on July 21, 2014

Making that Change – Revamping your Bedroom


It’s summer, the perfect time to revamp your home. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house to get right. We all spend around one third of our lives sleeping, which means bedrooms have to be pleasant, restful places to be and are conducive to enjoying a good night’s sleep.

There are many ways to re-decorate a bedroom, from new wallpaper, curtains and bedding to accessories such as cushions and throws. When choosing duvets, you can revamp by trying a brand new colour or pattern. If you normally have plain white sheets, you could opt for cream to give a warmer feel or even floral for a softer effect. Another option would be polka dots or stripes for a vibrant, modern bedroom.

Soft furnishings in jewel colours

Adding cushions to a bed brings colour and texture to a bedroom, with velvet and silk particular favourites. Purple, blue, gold, red and other jewel colours all infuse a bedroom with a sense of opulence, while throws are another excellent choice for introducing new textures to a room with similar fabrics available. Throws are also useful for draping over an old chair to give it a new lease of life.


Moroccan decorations for a taste of Arabia

Moroccan decorations are always interesting choices for a bedroom. Lamp shades in rich colours and bedspreads to drape over the foot of the bed are particularly Arabic in influence. Many people like to use a soft incense or room fragrance to inject a room with a new feel, with vanilla, jasmine, rose and sandalwood popular choices for a relaxing bedroom scent.

Art deco designs

At the other end of the decorations spectrum is the art deco look which can give a bedroom a bold feel. Monochrome duvets such as black and white shape designs and strong lines in lamps and bed steads give a modern vibe, although this actually harks back to the 1920s when these kind of art deco designs were first highly fashionable. Ornaments and clocks can also be used in the art deco style to add to the effect.


Your bed says a lot about you

Bed spreads are one of the most immediately effective features of a bedroom. The bed itself is normally the dominant piece of furniture, which makes the sheets and other adornments becoming also highly conspicuous. Combined or apart, they can alter the style of a room dramatically. From modern metal bedsteads to traditional wooden beds, your sleep station says a lot about you. One way to transform the room without buying a whole new bed is to invest in a new set of bed sheets, blanket or quilt.

Your bed accessories not only add colour and texture to a bedroom, they also affect the comfort of your bed. Sleep is vital for health, so it’s important for your mattress, pillows and sheets to be comfortable, with memory foam mattress toppers a great way of improving softness and support. Many people enjoy silk pillow cases which protect the skin and hair and maintain a cool temperature in hot weather, while others like to change duvets to suit the changing seasons.

These are just a few of ideas to help you to change your bedroom. Incorporate them and you may even start to transform your life.

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