Posted on February 5, 2021

Lovelox Locket Review and Giveaway

giveaway/ Review

If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed me posting photos of a beautiful locket on my stories yesterday and as promised I am here today to tell you all about it. The giveaway that I promised you all is here too! I received an email from Lovelox London recently asking me if I’d like to help celebrate their launch and receive one of their beautiful lockets to review. I love a nice piece of jewellery and have always wanted a locket of my own as I remember mum wearing one when I was a little girl and I always wanted to look inside at the photos 🙂

Firstly let me introduce you to Lovelox London. They are a very new brand who launched just a couple of days ago on the 3rd February, Make sure you go over to their social media and say hi to give them a bit of support. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook 🙂

LOVELOX is a British jewellery brand specialising in personalised lockets made by hand from precious metals and natural diamonds. Our refined designs blend effortlessly into current trends making our lockets a staple item worn and enjoyed every day.

LOVELOX takes life’s Instagram moments and turns them into something special as each locket can be personalised with two photos and an engraved message to make for a truly unique and sentimental item.

Ordering my locket was really simple, you just go to the locket that you would like and click on ‘create my locket’ that will give the options to engrave and add photos, you can even choose the font that you would like and the chain length too.

I was so overjoyed when my locket arrived, it really is a beautiful thing, I will treasure it forever! I don’t think I will ever take it off!

Sterling silver heart locket by LoveLox. This perfectly poised piece showcases exquisite engineering, with the hinge seamlessly designed into the flow of the heart and the clasp barely breaking the clean lines of the locket. The locket is beautifully finished with expert engraving and two delicately placed photos for a very special gift experience.

The silver locket starts from just £60.00 but it will cost extra to have photos inside and for it to be engraved. With photos and personalisation it would have cost £80.00 and delivery is extra.

I had my locket engraved on the back with ‘Always in my heart’ because the people inside it are exactly that. The most special people in my life…

What I loved most of all about the locket is that I didn’t have to painstakingly cut out two photos to try and fit them inside myself… which is something I have tried to do in the past. No, Lovelox do that for you – you just have to select the photos that you want and hey presto it comes all ready for you to wear or give as a gift. These would make such a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other day you want to give a really thoughtful, personal gift.

Now it’s time for the really exciting part…


If you’d like to win one of these beautiful silver lockets for yourself then all you need to do is complete the below Rafflecopter. You can do as few or as many of the options as you like, the more you do the more entries and the better chance of winning you will have… just like purchasing raffle tickets. The winner will receive a silver heart locket personalised with their own photos and choice of words. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be emailed on the 22nd February 2021, check back here on that date to see if you were the lucky winner.


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