Posted on March 8, 2021

Looking Back on 2020

personal/ Year In Review

I can’t believe it is March and I have yet to do my yearly review post. I think I’ve been putting it off because well what can really be said about 2020? It was a shit show of a year really but then looking back it was full of wonderful family times and precious moments grabbed with friends when lockdown restrictions allowed.

It’s been hard having to spend so much time in lockdown but my introverted self has kind of enjoyed it. Although I’m ready now to get back out there and have some fun… let’s hope the government’s road map stays on course!


January 2020 seems such like such a long time ago now, back when we were living a normal life. We spent a weekend at my sister’s up north, the kids went back to school, James did dry January and we celebrated our 16th anniversary.


February was much of the same, Bugs had an inset day and we went to the cinema together and out for lunch, we went to paint a pot, long walks along the canal. I went out for meals with friends and with Liam. Just the stuff of dreams really… I’d just love to be doing any of that today!


March was the month that our world changed like we never imaged that it could. The country was put into lockdown, the kids were sent home from school and we started to homeschool and work at home. Bugs did enjoy one last day of dressing up as The Lorax for World Book Day. We stuck with Dr Seuss again this year after them going as Thing 1 & Thing 2 last year 🙂


April wasn’t wonderful for us as James’ mum died, she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for a few years so it wasn’t totally unexpected. Despite our grief we managed to do lots of ‘lockdown’ activities like PE with Joe, lockdown haircuts, decorate our windows and late evening walks. Liam, my oldest son was working in a care home at the time and had an awful time. He caught Covid19 from a resident but thankfully didn’t suffer too badly.


On May the 8th VE Day 75th anniversary and we celebrated with a barbecue in the garden. We did enjoy a few socially distanced drinks on the street with our neighbours too. Lots of walks were enjoyed during May, the weather treated us kindly and On 21 May 2020 Bugs & I took part in Rob Biddulph’s world record attempt where we broke the Guinness World Record for the largest online art lesson when 45,611 participants drew a whale.


In June the lockdown restrictions were eased somewhat and I got to drive to Liam’s and go for a socially distance dog walk with him. It was wonderful to see him after so long. It did us both the world of good to be together again.


We were really starting to tire of homeschooling in July, so we made the most of the long hot days by going for picnics and getting out into the Peak District.


August saw the baby of the family turn ten! I really cannot believe he is ten! Those of you who have followed us will know that I started this blog when Bugs was just a month old so this blog turned ten too! It’s hard to believe we’ve been sharing our lives here for that long. Liam came to stay for a few days over Bugs’ birthday and we managed to actually eat out for the first time since going in to lockdown. It was a very strange experience but was absolutely lovely.

We also managed to get away to Whitby for 4 nights in August, it was amazing to be by the sea for a few days. Our other two holidays were cancelled due to lockdown so being able to grab these 4 days was wonderful.


September saw the kids going back to school and as per usual catching every bug going, so we all spent the month full of cold. Fortunately none of us had Covid19 but boy did the cases start to shoot up again! I celebrated my birthday in September, my wonderful friends threw me a surprise cocktail party… just six of us as the rules stated at the time. Liam came again and we went out for a meal and drinks to celebrate my birthday. In September I started The Body Coach 90 day plan, I graduated on Christmas Eve and lost a total of 11.5KG – it is such an amazing plan, I am currently on the last cycle of the graduate plan and feel better than ever!


The month brought increased restrictions so we didn’t get to do a great deal in October, which is a shame as James, Boo and Liam had their birthdays, still we made the most of it with cake and socially distance walks. At the end of the month my mum fell and broke her leg and had to have surgery. She was in hospital for a week so my sisters and I had to rally round and look after dad while she was in hospital.


I spent a few nights at mums helping out while she recovered from her surgery, which meant walking Angel their German Shepard dog. It wasn’t really a chore as they live in the Peak District so I got to go on some amazing walks.


The cases of Covid19 were going up and up and up in December so we really started to become more and more cautious. I’d been spending time at my parents as they really needed help but I was terrified of giving one of them Covid so I had to stop going, thankfully mum was on the mend and started to be able to get the dog out herself too. Christmas was a very quiet affair but really that’s nothing new for us, we always have a quite Christmas at home. We saw in the New Year with a bottle of champagne and wished for a much better 2021.

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