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Looking Back on 2017

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Every new year I love to sit and contemplate the year that just ended and think all about the good things that have happened. Sometimes what seemed to be a bad year can look decidedly better this way. Today I can honestly sit and say that 2017 was a wonderful year for our family. I turned 40 *yikes*, we had our first proper relaxing family holiday, my oldest turned 21 and I ran a half marathon! The kids are all really growing up now, the stress and strains of babies & toddlers have left us and we are really enjoying the little extra freedom this brings us all. I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring us but for now here is a little look back at 2017…

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Just like 2016 January saw us all in bed poorly with flu for a couple of weeks so it really wasn’t a great start to the year. After suffering again in December I’ve decided I really must get the flu jab next Autumn to try and avoid being poorly again as it really does seem to be hitting me worse as I get older. Illness kind of dominated our whole month, I read lots of books and also signed us up for a half marathon while tipsy on our anniversary 😉 Boo left Brownies just before Christmas and started at Guides, she absolutely loved her first few meetings and a year later she is still going and coming back full of excitement each week.

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February was a much brighter month, we enjoyed walks in the Peak District with my Mum, the kids had Firefly driving lessons which they really enjoyed even though it was freezing, Liam was around a lot and we did lots of yummy baking.

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In March we were seen in the Daily Mail travel supplement talking about our adventures in Florida in August 2016 which was rather exciting! I started serious training for my half marathon and really quite enjoyed it. I also started to organise an auction for Grayson to raise money for a new doable pushchair for him. The auction ran in April and we raised £1400 🙂 The kids had so much going on at school what with dressing up for World Book Day, having crazy hair for Comic Relief and parent lunch too! Bugs started going to Beavers on the day that happened to be Shrove Tuesday so he was really won over with his first meeting as he got to eat pancakes 🙂

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April saw us visiting Trentham Gardens for the first time on a beautiful Spring day. Bugs got a new bike so everyday was spent taking him riding at the park. It was also Easter so we had lots of fun on egg hunts and eating lots of chocolate. I enjoyed a night out with Liam, a date night with my other half and a meal out with my family too. We also got a new carpet in our living room! So April was chock full of loveliness 🙂

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In May we visited a gorgeous National Trust property Belton House and had a wonderful day out. If you are in the East Midlands then I’d definitely recommend you visit, I think it is my favourite NT property by far. The rest of May was all about getting ready for our upcoming holiday. I had my hair done, went shopping for swim wear etc and continued to train for the half marathon.

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June was just AMAZING as we spent the first two weeks in the Dominican Republic and it was just so wonderfully relaxing. It was our first all inclusive holiday as a family and we loved every single minute of it. The whole experience was just heavenly.

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July was a really busy month with it being the end of term. Bugs left infant school and Boo finished year 5 so there were lots of different events to go to at both of their schools. I enjoyed a date night with my other half, a night out with friends, a friend’s 40th birthday party and lots of quality family time.

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The baby of the family turned 7 on the 5th of August so the first week was spent celebrating that, he had a party with friends at a local trampoline park which he really enjoyed. I was doing really well with my half marathon training and completed my furthest ever distance of 17km in a really good time so was feeling very confident about my upcoming half marathon. We spent the day with my mum, sister and family at Gulliver’s Kingdom which was lovely as we don’t see my sister that often as she lives up in Durham.

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In September I turned 40 and James took me away to The Lake District for a long weekend. We had a really wonderful time and stayed in a lodge over looking Lake Windermere. We ate some amazing food and also went indoor skydiving which had been on my to do list for so long! James made my birthday so special and I can’t thank my wonderful friend enough for having our kids for 3 nights while we went away. I am so lucky to have such a good friend! September was the month we also ran a half marathon… I still cannot believe that I actually did it! When we signed up last January I thought it was totally laughable that I could run 5km let alone 21km so I am very very proud of myself!

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October is always a crazy month because James, Maisie and Liam all have their birthdays. Liam turned 21 this year and we had a gorgeous meal out together to celebrate. He really is a grown man now and such wonderful company. Boo turned 11 and had a party at home with a few close friends, we also had a family meal to celebrate at GBK which is her favourite place to eat. To celebrate James’ birthday we had a fun afternoon on the toboggan and snow tubes at Swadlincote Ski Centre. The kids were obsessed with making slime and we also discovered a gorgeous painted rock on a day out at Dovedale and so are obsession with painting, finding and hiding rocks began.

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I love November, all the stress of the family birthday’s are behind me and I can start thinking about Christmas. We had a wonderful Bonfire night at the local park who put on a great firework display. I got invited to school to have lunch with the kids… which always goes down well especially when it is chocolate cracknell for pudding 🙂 I attended my first ever gin festival with friends and so my gin addiction began 😉 I loved the gin festival and have booked to take Liam this April when it comes back to Nottingham. The month ended on a low when our house bunny Merlin became poorly.

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Flu knocked me off my feet for two weeks again for the second time in 2017 so December was very mixed. We did manage to have a wonderful Christmas and with the support of my other half the kids managed to get to all of their events and Christmas parties but I was really wiped out. I had to cancel a few nights out with friends but the year ended on a high celebrating my mum’s 70th birthday with my family so it wasn’t all bad 😉

So that was our 2017 – every year I do the one second everyday project, where I do a little video everyday and mash them altogether at the end of the year. I absolutely love doing it and it is so awesome to look back on each year. Here is my 2017 video…

I hope 2017 was a wonderful year for you all but I hope 2018 is an even better one ?

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  • Reply Emma Raphael January 18, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    Apart from the flu twice that sounds like a really fun jam packed year! You do not look old enough to have a 21 year old!!! Well done with all your running exploits too! Happy 2018! 🙂 x

  • Reply Emma January 18, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    I love your second a day project Sonia!

    Boo is looking so grown up, I can’t believe how old all our children are. Where have the last few years gone?

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