Posted on April 29, 2014

LeapPad Ultra & Monsters University Game Review

Review/ Toy Review

As part of the Toysrus Toyogolgist programme we were recently sent the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra and Monsters University game to review.  As you can see from the photo below my little boy was rather excited by this as was his big sister! They love that they have their own ‘tablet’ now and don’t have to steal Mummies.

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This is the first children’s tablet that we have owned and after using it for a month we are very impressed! On first opening the LeapPad Ultra we noticed how well made it was, really tough and sturdy! perfect for little ones! Bugs is 3 so it needs to be with him around.

The LeapPad is aimed at children aged 4-9 years and I would say the earlier in that age range that you buy it the better. It really is a great little tablet. It may be a little slow at times but that’s only to me who is so used to using much more advanced and faster tablets.


Bugs loves using the camera to take photos of everyone and everything. The camera isn’t brilliant quality but it is fine for it’s purpose. He also loves recording sounds; I often hear him singing Baa Baa Black Sheep to the LeapPad and it’s lovely watch him listening to all his sounds played back to him.

Other features that we love are…

  • The kids can have separate profiles
  • Safe internet browsing and no fear of the kids downloading games and spending money.
  • The Pet app – both the kids love playing with their pet which they can look after and play with.
  • Photo fun – This allows them to decorate photos, frame them with fun frames or add different effects. They have had some fun with this 🙂
  • Choice of lots of educational games, books, music and videos on the App store (at extra cost)
  • Art Studio – They love to draw pictures using the art studio App.
  • No Batteries to change!

So yes we are really impressed with the LeapPad Ultra. We haven’t bought any extra Apps at the moment but I fully intend too. Apps are available from the LeapPad store for as little as £2.00 or as much £60.00 for a bundle. The kids have got their eyes on a few of the game cartridges that they have seen at Toysrus.


I love the versatility of the the LeapPad Ultra, my kids have hours of fun with it just as it is but then being able to buy and download apps or buy game cartridges makes it go such a lot further.

We were also sent the Monsters University Leapfrog Explorer Learning Game which works with all LeapPad tablets and the LeapsterGS to try out too.


Both kids have enjoyed playing on this, Maxwell aged 3 find most of it quite difficult but Maisie aged 7 has really loved playing on it, she has found it quite easy – it is aimed at children aged 4-7 yrs so I think she needs something a bit more challenging. They both love creating Monsters and having a go at the scream challenge to see if they can fill their canisters with screams 🙂

Use your problem-solving skills to help Mike and Sulley win the Scare Games with Leapfrog Explorer Monsters University Software! Using clever thinking and stealth manoeuvres, make your way through MU different locations. Are your scare skills up to the challenge?

Train to be a top Scarer while progressing through 24 levels! Each level of learning puts your mind to the test – solving logic puzzles and tactical mini-games to unlock shortcuts, find Scare Cards and collect dorm decor. Navigate your way across campus as you sneak to your destination! Strategise a path through obstacles and enemies using objects you find and evasion tactics.

As you go, 2 problem-solving mini games challenge your scare skills. Identify pairs of matching monsters memorabilia before the time runs out! Use deductive reasoning skills to find the monster that holds the hidden key!

Let your inner monster loose! Pick the parts to create your own monster. You can even monsterize your own face and bring your creation to life by recording monster roars with the built-in camera and microphone on LeapPad learning tablets and the LeapsterGS Explorer! Finally, put your monster to the test and see how much scream energy you can collect!

I would happily recommend both of these products to you… The LeapPad Ultra would make a perfect present for a 4 year old who is going to have years of fun with it 🙂

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