Posted on December 6, 2011

Leapfrog & Vtech Baby Walkers Go Head to Head!!


The lovely people at Leapfrog recently sent me their new Scout & Friends Baby Walker to review; they also sent me one of the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker so that I could put them both to the test and do a head to head comparison! Bugs certainly isn’t complaining and neither is his big sister who chases him round with one while he pushes the other! ;O)

The Leap Frog Scout & Friends Baby Walker

The Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

First Impressions…
So on first impressions I have to say I am more drawn to the Vtech, it just looks much more colourful! On getting them out of the box the Leapfrog was already assembled; it was just a case of unfolding it where as the Vtech’s legs and handles weren’t attached so took a little longer to set up but nothing major! The Leapfrog already had batteries installed but sadly the Vtech didn’t!
Out of the Box…
Once out of the box Bugs was taken with the Vtech straight away and sped round the room with it like lightening… this was interesting at the Vtech didn’t have any batteries in like the Leapfrog so I was very surprised! I think he just loves how colourful it is! You can see from the picture that the Vtech is a bit higher than the Leapfrog too!
They are both very sturdy and really well made. I have to say I much prefer the build of the Leapfrog; it just feels sturdier and more stable and with the Vtech the toy that attaches to the front of the walker keeps falling off. Bugs much prefers to take this off and just charge around without it! It’s nice that it comes off but I really think it should be as the Leapfrog’s – you can also use the activity plate in floor mode but it doesn’t fall off as with the Vtech.
The Wheels…
The Leapfrog walkers has really good rubber grip & lockable wheels; the Vtech doesn’t! I would definitely be looking for this if I was going to buying a baby walker for a baby. The Leapfrog’s grips really help keep it steady on slippy floors where as the Vtech’s tend to slide.
The Activity Plates…
I have to say that I find the Leapfrog activity plate far better than the Vtech! Not only does it not fall off but it has a FAR LESS annoying voice! They both have a good range of sounds and activities but the Leapfrog definitely wins here with over 55 upbeat songs and learning activities!
Mummy loves the Leapfrog with its’ sturdier design, rubber grip & lockable wheels! Really great activity plate that also sings the Alphabet!
Bugs loves the Vtech for toddling around with but prefers to play with the Leapfrog’s activity plate and jig along to the songs!

Sturdy design to support and encourage your baby’s first steps. Features a detachable learning centre packed with activities. Shapes and light-up musical keys introduce letters, words, numbers, animals, colours, sing-along songs and melodies.
Moving butterfly, discs and rollers develop manipulative skills plus a removable rattling phone is great for role-play. Textured wheels, easy grip handle and durable design ensure baby gets ample support for taking those first steps. Assembles very easily and can be stored away in small spaces!
Age 6-30 months

Buy from Vtech for £29.99 or shop around for a bargain! ;O)

The LeapFrog Scout & Friends Baby walker is designed to support and encourage your baby’s first steps. It features 55+  songs and musical activities, with two ways to play.  In music mode baby can groove along to jazz, R&B and children’s’ classics and in learning mode find out all about  letters of the alphabet, colours, counting and more.  Scout & Friends Baby Walker helps to build motor skills with tactile activities, reinforces social skills through pretend play and encourages children to explorer cause and effect.

Babies can sit and play with the removable front panel by spinning, pressing, pulling, flipping, rattling and even talking to Scout & Friends with the included phone.  The wheels are textured and can also be locked to ensure baby is supported during those first important steps.

From sitting, to standing and then walking, there’s always more to explore.

Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customised learning insights and ideas to expand the learning. Appropriate for children ages 6 to 36 months

Buy from Leapfrog for £27.99 or shop around for a bargain ;O)

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  • Reply Helen at Casa Costello December 7, 2011 at 12:17 am

    I'm thinking I really must get round to a walker for Baby T – I never needed one with her older sisters but she seems to be just moving differently. A lot of room for thought her – I'm thinking maybe the Leapfrog. Ooh decisions!

  • Reply Frankee B December 6, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Fab review! So thorough.

    I love that you mentioned locking wheels ok the leapfrog. Huge plus for a baby new to standing and walking.

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