Posted on January 24, 2014

Kids & The Theatre…

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I’ve been thinking recently about taking the kids on a theatre beak in London, as a family we love exploring London and recently went down to The London Eye which the kids just loved so it would be great to actually go down overnight and go to the theatre and then stay over!

The thing that puts me off doing it though is Bugs being only three. Is this too young for him to enjoy something like this, do you think? He can be a bit of a fijit at times and if he is bored then it would be a total disaster as he would not sit still. I don’t want to waste that kind of money really! I know Boo & Lero would absolutely love it. Lero is doing a-level Drama and is often doing a show or something similar and I feel sad I haven’t had the opportunity to take him anywhere like this yet.

We have had a couple of successful trips to the cinema with Bugs, well I say successful the first time we watched Despicable Me and he chatted most of the way through it, thankfully there weren’t many people in the cinema that day 😉 The second time was much better, we watched Frozen just after Christmas and he loved it… we didn’t even have to buy him a big bucket of popcorn to keep him happy!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I really don’t want Lero & Boo to miss out on doing things because Bugs will spoil it for them so I think now I am just going to bite the bullet and do these things regardless! People pay a lot of money for theatre tickets so I obviously don’t want my naughty child to spoil it for them and really I am very considerate when it comes to things like that, I will take my child out of a room so he doesn’t ruin the performance for everybody else; I really wish everyone else would do the same – there is nothing worse in my opinion!

Bugs is really improving now though since he started nursery in September, he is starting to understand when he needs to sit still and listen. I find taking snacks and drinks with me wherever I go will always help me out in a bad situation and if all else fails I have a fully charged iPod in my bag with lots of apps on that will keep him quiet, that way we can all enjoy what we are doing.

I guess at around the age of five is when most children will be ready for a theatre trip; I know I enjoyed going on such outings with school when I was little. I was always totally entranced by the acting! Taking them to a show which will be recognised I think is a must for their first experience… The Lion King, Matilda and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory would all go down really well with my kids I think. I’m going to wait until Bugs turns four in August and then I am going to book something, we all want to go to Happy Potter Studios too so I think we will do that at the same time!

Have you and your children experienced going to the theatre, what do you think is the right age?

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  • Reply Claire O'Neill January 24, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Kids have to be 5 for a west end show…I guess that is so younger children don’t ruin the performance .I took my son to Shrek when he was 4.5.No body asked me but I was fully prepared to say 5 if questioned!

    • Reply Sonia January 24, 2014 at 4:53 pm

      I guess that is the case for most but I was looking at the Lion King and it said children must be three and over and that’s what sparked my thoughts x

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