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Jan 15 – This Mummy Loves…

This Mummy Loves.../ TML Monthly

Welcome to January’s issue of This Mummy Loves… Here you will find some awesome products that we have been sent to review, ones we have bought ourselves, films we’ve watched, books we’ve read etc.

If you would like to have a product featured in the February edition of This Mummy Loves… please send me an email to to see if your product is suitable.

Here are some products that we have loved this month…

Photo 11-01-2015 18 35 48

Good Bubble

We were sent some Good Bubble products last month and seriously I have never know kids bath products to smell so amazing! We have Hair & Body Wash and Conditioner in Dragon Fruit and Bubble Bath in Cloudberry. They leave my kids smelling gorgeous!!

Photo 11-01-2015 18 35 55

Good Bubble products are gorgeous, gentle formulations that truly nourish your hair and skin. Rich in nutrients, free from harsh chemicals and kind to the planet. Made with only the best intentions. No tears. No nasties. Take a look at the website for more information or buy some for yourself 🙂


Disney Cakes & Sweets

Disney Cakes & Sweets is a special collection that gives you the chance to collect an exclusive range of Disney bakeware & magical recipes! We were lucky enough to get sent 4 of the magazines before Christmas and they are really fantastic!! If you love Disney and baking then these magazines are for you! They have amazing birthday cakes, muffins, sweets, biscuits as well as Disney moulds, cutters and cake-decorating equipment! With my four issues I received Winnie the Pooh character silicone moulds, Mickey & Minnie silicone moulds, Donald Duck silicone mould and number cutters and embossers. The products are fantastic quality! I love Disney so this magazine really excites me!!

Disney Cakes & Sweets is published weekly and costs £3.99.

Photo 04-12-2014 14 49 26

The Primal Kitchen Bars.

When I was eating strictly Paleo last year these bars where an absolute lifesaver when I was feeling like a quick snack. They are made from nuts, unsweetened fruit and almond oil… that’s it! Nowadays I mostly make my own raw snacks but these are fantastic to have in the cupboard or my bag for when hunger strikes and the kids love them too!! They available to buy from Ocado, Suerdrug, Tesco and leading health stores for £1.49 each or you can purchase them at The Primal Pantry.

Photo 18-01-2015 13 25 59

Bioskin Junior

The lovely people at the Big Green Smile sent me these Bioskin Junior products last week, I have heard such good things about them and really wanted to give the a try on little Bugs skin as he gets terrible eczema. I’ll be trying them out for the next month and will let you know our verdict. His skin is already feeling super smooth and silky after using the Daily Nourishing Spray for a couple of days… I’ll let you know how we get on but so far so good!

You can buy the Daily Nourishing Spray 100ml for £9.99 and the Outbreak Rescue Cream 50ml for £8.99.

Photo 18-01-2015 13 27 31


If you are anything like me and get bored with just plain old water then you might want to try Enhance for water!  The range includes four delicious real fruit flavours – Orange and Passion Fruit, Lemon and Lime, Strawberry and Kiwi, Apple and Blackcurrant and they come in adorable little bottles that you can keep in your bag or even your pocket! They have really helped me to get my daily fluid intake increased!

They are made from real fruit juice, with no artificial colours or flavours or added sugar, it’s a great way to keep hydrated without compromising on taste. One short squeeze results in a subtle hint of fruit, or for a burst of flavour, simply add a bit more! They are just 1 calorie per drink too!

The enhance range is available from ASDA, Ocado and from and will be on special offer at £2 in selected ASDA stores until 12th February 2015.

Photo 24-12-2014 18 26 06

Hatley Pyjamas

This year I bought the kids Christmas PJ’s from Juicy Tots, they are Hatley which I have bought before and they are amazing quality and super cute! I haven’t shopped with Juicy Tots before but I will most definitely do again as the service was fantastic!

Photo 19-01-2015 21 47 29

What I’ve been reading… 

At the start of the year I promised myself I would read more this year, so I took up the challenge to read a book a week. I have managed to do that so far, intact I’ve read at least 2 a week so far!

  • Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  • Let’s pretend this never happened – Jenny Lawson
  • The wedding girl – Madeleine Wickham
  • The unpredictable consequences of love – Jill Mansell
  • Twilight – Stephanie Meyer
  • New Moon – Stephanie Meyer
  • Eclipse – Stephanie Meyer
  • Breaking Dawn – Stephanie Meyer

So yes I’ve read quite a few book so far and I am loving reading again. I loved all the books so far, I couldn’t put the Twilight series down and Let’s pretend this never happened is so so funny!


What we’ve been watching…

The kids have been loving The Adventures of Puss in Boots which is now available on Netflix. It really is good fun, Bugs has watched it over and over, there are five 22 minute episodes to watch so far…

THE ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS finds the world’s most famous feline fortune-hunter in the hidden city of San Lorenzo, a mythical land that is invisible to the outside world thanks to a magical spell that protects its quirky inhabitants – not to mention its wondrous treasure. When Puss in Boots accidentally breaks the spell, he must do more than fight off an endless legion of invaders and marauders … he must become a legend.

With a sweeping, epic visual flair and extraordinary quests in each episode, THE ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS combines adventure and comedy with the quick-witted, nimble-footed style that is as synonymous with its hero as his namesake boots.


Because of my addiction to the Twilight books I had to see the films to so I have sat and watch all 5 Twilight films this month too! So many people told me the films weren’t as good as the books and I guess they are right as they lack so much detail but I find when I watch a film after reading a book that I fill in everything that it is missing and it brings the book to life for me so I thoroughly enjoyed the films!

That’s it I haven’t had time to watch anything else as I have constantly had a book in my hand when I’m not cleaning, working or playing with the kids lol 😉

Well that’s all for this January, don’t forget to contact me soon if you have a product that you would like to see in February’s edition!

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  • Reply Michelle Twin Mum January 30, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    I can’t believe you are managing 2 books a week, you are on fire! How enjoyable, Mich x

  • Reply emma t January 27, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    Love the pjs. Will have to look them out for N.

    I’m back reading this year after a shocker last year. My aim is 50 books for the year, but at the moment I’m well ahead, but also crocheting which I also do morning and night, so not sure how much my reading will be impacted by that.

  • Reply suzanne3childrenandit January 27, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    2 book a week?! I’m lucky if I get to read two a year at the moment! You have been busy. Loving those PJs 🙂

  • Reply Helen G January 27, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Lovely post 🙂 I’m trying to read more at the moment aswell, I’m on my 3rd book of the year so far which I think is pretty good going considering I have a toddler who takes up so much of my time!

    Helen X
    (UK Bloggers)

  • Reply Clare Mansell January 27, 2015 at 11:55 am

    I love Hatley pyjamas, I actually rather wish they did them in my size!

    • Reply Sonia January 27, 2015 at 12:46 pm

      They do them in adult sizes Clare!!!

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