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Jabra Sport Rox Wireless Headphones Review

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A few weeks ago we were sent the Jabra Sport Rox Wireless headphones to review and I passed them over to my other half to review as he is the sporty one in the house who also has a huge love of music and has gotten through several pairs of pretty expensive headphones.

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What’s included?

  • Jabra Sport Rox Wireless earbuds
  • 3 sets of EarWings
  • 4 sets of EarGels
  • 1 Armband
  • 1 Fitclip
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Quick start guide

The headphone buds are quite bulky but this is understandable given they hold battery, charging port for micro USB and of course the means of creating sound. The pair I have are white and for what they are they look and feel okay. The sound quality of the Jabra Sport Rox Wireless headphones is much below what I was expecting for the £129.99 price tag. I have a set of Sony XBA2iP which cost about £95 and a pair of SoundMAGIC E10 £30, both of these buds have superior sound quality with the Sony XBA2iP in another league. In short these are not the headphones for an audiophile.

However, the headphones unique selling point is not the quality of the sound of course, but rather more their function ie they are a Bluetooth headset for use within exercise and sport. Here there function comes into its own, there is no sign of sweat causing damage or issue with the buttons. Sweat previously killed my standard apple headphones that I got with my iPhone 4 when it got into the volume control unit. The buds are easy to set-up and ‘pair’ with my iPhone 6 plus and most of the functions seem to work the same as for the original apple headphones ie I can initiate voice dialing, control volume, etc. The only function which I have yet to work out is whether they can skip tracks – this so far I have not got to work.

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Regardless, they are brilliant to use while running, cycling or exercising without having to strap your iPhone or iPod to you in some special pouch so that the wire does not get impeded or rip the headphone buds out of your ear. This of course is if you are not worried about skipping to the next track.

The only negative comment is due to the bulk-weight of the buds, this necessitates some fiddling with to get the different rubber in-ear and rubber outer-ear ‘connectors’ to stop the buds vibrating out of the ear while running. If you don’t get this right they will be juddered out of your ear on the side of the volume switch, presumably as this is quite heavy and acts a lever to easy the bud out of your ear. Nonetheless, every ear is different and the rubber ‘connects’ provided are offered in enough sizes to enable a good enough match to be found.

Photo 10-01-2015 11 01 14

The headphones will also connect to more than one device at a time, and a little built-in voice in the headphones actually tells, how many devices are connected. I have my work iPhone 5s and my personal iPhone 6 plus connect simultaneously and calls appear to take priority over music so while listening to music on iPhone 6 plus a call on my iPhone 5s will then cut in and stop the music, then when you have closed the call the music will start again on the 6 plus. It is also possible to switch between the iPhone mic and the headset with the swipe-up menu on in IOS on the current device in use.

They are free from a device-wire connection they make a great headset for telephone conferences; allow working or listening to music at your desk without swapping devices. It is my opinion that they are much more comfortable than a headset and certainly much less obtrusive. Also the switching from call, to music and back to a new call is seamless.

The little voice also gives you other information such as when the charge is getting low. Cleverly on an iPhone the Bluetooth symbol on the iPhone is accompanied by a little charge meter / bar showing the headphones remaining charge. The bar is not very big so it really gives a high / med / low idea of the charge but it is sufficient. The other clever feature, well done mr designer!…is that you put the headphone to sleep by butting the buds together, they are magnetic, so as soon as they clip together it causes them to sleep. Genius!

Photo 10-01-2015 11 01 28

The headphones are charged via a micro USB and the battery has a reasonable life with some hard use – maybe 2hrs solid use. Although actual time of full charge / discharge I have not measured.

So overall, do not buy if you want world-class sound but if you want portability of music without wires and mucking about with where your device(s) need to be located these in ear headphones are splendid. By the way I love good quality music and real detail but, the function of these in day-to-day working and exercising when sound quality is not everything is brilliant, especially as they work really well with Apple phones.

Overall – not don’t buy for sound, buy for exercise and portability and then they are a winner!

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