Posted on July 29, 2014

It’s going to be a Netflix Summer!

Netflix Stream Team

The lovely people at Netflix recently sent me an Apple TV so I can enhance my Netflix addiction… I had been watching it on an iPad 2 which they sent me earlier in the year but well now it is just completely amazing!

Anyway I’m not sure how I am possibly going to be able to leave the house and switch Breaking Bad off now!!!

Seriously though I don’t watch too much TV and I certainly don’t let my kids watch too much TV but on the other hand I see no problem with them watching it for an hour or so a day… it never did me any harm 😉

When they are watching TV I really do like there to be some educational value behind the programme they are watching and Netflix do have some great programmes which cater for that.

For the little ones…


Both of mine have been huge Dora fans and Bugs really likes Diego too! If he gets to choose a programme it will either be Dora or Diego without a doubt!


Bugs loves his numbers so he really enjoys this! It covers basic counting, measuring, sizing, sorting, exploring shapes, patterns, time etc so all good for their little brains 😉

For bigger kids…


Boo is really interested in the world, she’s 7 years old and she just loves to suck in as much information as she can. Planet Earth is really incredible! I love to watch it with her and am usually just as amazed as she is!


She also has a fascination with dinosaurs, as does her brother so this is perfect for them to get an understanding of what they and the world was like back then!

So yes we don’t intend to be indoors much this summer but when we are we will be learning.

Story Starter - Final option 2_logo

I love the idea of this Story Starter Craft which is basically prompting kids to make up stories! This is on our to do list now and I cannot wait to hear the stories my little ones come up with 🙂


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