Posted on February 24, 2011

Introducing Amanda my CyberMummy Sponsor


I am very lucky to have found a sponsor to send me to Cybermummy & am very honoured to announce that Amanda of Mama Jewels will be sponsoring me :O) Amanda is from Nottingham too so I am over the moon to be representing a local company that I love!! I have had Mama Jewels since Bugs was born and I love them, I get to wear them less and less now though as Bugs loves to play with them and when he isn’t then big sister Boo loves to wear them! I do try and keep them for myself though ;O)

Amanda Waring; Owner, Designer, creator of Mama Jewels, pro breastfeeder and currently training to become peer to peer breastfeeding support worker. I have two sons, four and one who were both breastfed, but not without problems I must add and I was fortunate enough to get some great advice which turned breastfeeding from a toe curling experience to an absolute pleasure. I love fashion and looking good and during the early days of having both my boys I struggled with self-esteem; feeling overweight and not being able to fit into my favourite clothes, so having some lovely jewellery that they couldn’t break was very important.

Gorgeous jewellery designed for Mums, Carers and Teachers which has been safety tested, that is washable, can be sterilized and is non-toxic for the times when babies chew it.

The opportunity for Mums to continue wearing jewellery that looks fabulous but has the added benefits of a nursing necklace. We simply love Mums to look and feel great about themselves at a time when they might be feeling pretty down.

We offer trend inspired, high quality jewellery which is manufactured in the UK and is beautifully packaged.Our jewellery designs and components are elegant, safety tested, non-toxic, washable, can be sterilised and we give a one year guarantee.

There is currently no other brand available that offers a combination of fashion jewellery which has been safety tested and is made in the UK. We pride ourselves on the high quality and safety of our products. Although what we are offering can and is used for breastfeeding mums, we sell our jewellery to women all over the world who simply love our designs.

Amanda is kindly offering you all 20% off her Nursing necklaces and bracelets (excludes silver jewellery) if you quote CYBERMUMMY20  – A fab fab offer which really is not to be missed! I just had some sent to my sister Dawnie Brown as she has just had a little boy :O)

Don’t miss Amanda’s current competition either, 1 lucky winner will win Mamajewels, a mamascarf and a breastvest! You can find that here –

Contact number       07720 890552         
Website address
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