Posted on March 9, 2015

Instagram Weekly 2nd–8th March 2015

Instagram Weekly

It’s been a funny old week, a lot has changed and I’m not sure they can ever be the same again. I can’t see my blog continuing for much longer I just have no desire to write anymore. I’m not going to do anything rash just yet as it would be such a shame to throw it all away. I’ll be continuing with my Instagram Weekly posts for a while to try and get myself back into it. I love Instagram and post everyday so feel free to come over and follow me there.


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Boo is reading the bedtime stories tonight 🙂


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They’ve gone off to Hogwarts 😉 #worldbookday #harrypotter A photo posted by Sonia (@sonia2011) on


Oh I love you sweet child of mine!


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Time for a nice big glass of Pinot! A photo posted by Sonia (@sonia2011) on


Having my hair done by the little 3 year old boy I’m babysitting this evening. Fun 😉


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Getting my Charmed fix before sleep. A photo posted by Sonia (@sonia2011) on

That’s it for this week… If you’re not already following me, please do come and connect – You can find me as Sonia2011 ;)

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  • Reply Karen March 9, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    Wow that hogwarts one is adorable!! Don’t give up, just take it easy & only post when you feel like it for a bit. I lost my blogging mojo last summer and it didn’t come back until after Christmas. Sometimes there’s just so much other stuff going on you need a break xx

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