Posted on June 4, 2013

Hold Upon Heart Review


I’ve always wanted a piece of special jewellery with my kids fingerprints or hand prints despite dropping many hints it never happened! My other half isn’t that great at organising things like that, mainly because he’s always at work and never really has that one to one time with the kids to sort stuff out! So when Hold Upon Heart contacted me to choose a piece of jewellery from their gorgeous website to review I was totally over the moon!

Hold Upon Heart is a family run business, it offers gorgeous Sterling Silver Fingerprint Jewellery, Clay Hand and Foot Imprints and other personalised gifts such as baby name plaques and personalised childrens dinner sets. Everything we sell we personally create in our Staffordshire home studio with the greatest care and attention.  Our online shop features a wide range of designs, but we are also happy to work with you to help realise your own individual design.


After some deliberation I choose a double sided hand print charm on a belcher chain. The first step was for Hold Upon Heart to send me the kit so I could take the kids hand prints. This came the very next day and was very simple; I just wiped their hands with the inkless wipe and pressed them onto the paper provided. The kit comes with enough paper to cover mistakes and I just had a play around with it to see how many decent hand prints we could get from the inkless wipe and we probably had 3-4 good enough to use before it had dried out. I think this will be enough for most children, mine really enjoyed doing the hand prints and were amazed when their print showed up on the paper!

Simple kit for taking handprints

Simple kit for taking handprints

Hand prints all ready to go!

Hand prints all ready to go!

Hold Upon Heart provided a postage paid envelope for us to return our handprints. I posted this on the Friday and thought it would be a good few weeks before I heard anything from them. The following Thursday my necklace dropped through my letter box! I couldn’t believe it took under a week! I was totally blown away with my necklace and I actually cried when I opened it!

Photo 23-05-2013 10 45 23

Bugs’s side 🙂

Photo 23-05-2013 10 45 35

Boo’s side.

I absolutely adore my necklace and wear it ALL THE TIME! The quality of product and service from Hold Upon Heart are brilliant and I would highly recommend them to anyone and most definitely use them again myself!

If you are thinking of buying hand print jewellery as a gift… DO IT! This necklace is so special to me and I am so thankful to Hold Upon Heart for asking me to review for them!

Photo 27-05-2013 11 40 56

A moment in my children’s life captured forever! <3 <3

* I received the necklace free of charge to review – I have not been told what to write, I write honestly and from the heart x

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  • Reply Kara Spencer June 6, 2013 at 6:05 am

    Oh my god I seriously need one of these, I always thought they weren’t their real handprints, I wonder if I could get 2 hearts on one necklace, oh this is beautiful x

  • Reply Nikki Thomas June 5, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Wow that is really beautiful

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