Posted on December 8, 2010

Guest Review – Tidy Trays

Guest review/ Review
Hi, It’s Dawnie Brown here, Sonia’s sister and also guest reviewer 🙂 You can also find me over my personal blog Knees Up Mother Brown (Excuse the shameless plug for my own blog 😉 )

Having done baby led weaning with Zara, we’ve always found whilst eating out is a
pleasure as Zara pretty much eats what we do, the fact that she always eats directly
off the highchair tray is pretty worrying especially when you see the state of some of
the highchairs that are available. I seem to spend at least 15 minutes cleaning the
highchair with a sterilising wipe before mealtimes just so I can be confident that she has somewhere safe to eat off.

When Tidy Trays sent us a tidy tray to test and review we were very happy to start using
it straight away. Tidy Trays are a plastic highchair tray cover which creates a clean, safe
eating surface for your child guarding them against germs and bacteria. They fit over
the top of restaurant high chair trays and provide a clean surface for you to feed your
baby from, there is even a built in sippy cup holder. Once you’ve finished using your
Tidy Tray it can be quickly wiped with a baby wipe, folded back into the sippy cup
pouch for storage and simply popped back into your changing bag, they are even machine washable.

Now I have to admit the first time we used the Tidy Tray cover, Zara did seem more
interested in how she could pull the cover off the tray than her food but once the initial
curiosity wore off it worked well. I’d recommend using it a couple of times at home first
just so baby has time to explore it so when it is then used at a restaurant it isn’t such a
 Using the Tidy Tray cover did give me peace of mind and allow me to relax a bit more
about Zara eating from restaurant high chairs and I definitely feel it is a useful thing to
have in your changing bag. My one problem with this product and it’s not actually a fault
with the product itself, is that most of the restaurants near me are starting to use no
tray high chairs and so Zara is having to eat off the table, now if Tidy Trays could also make a nice sticky placemat that I could pop on the restaurant table for her to eat off in those circumstances it would be perfect.

 You can find out more about Tidy Trays over at their website

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  • Reply Bernadette December 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    These Tidy Trays look awesome! Where can I buy some?

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