Posted on November 9, 2010

Guest Review – Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow

Guest review/ Review

Hi, It’s Dawnie Brown here, Sonia’s sister and also guest reviewer :)You can also find me over my personal blog Knees Up Mother Brown (Excuse the shameless plug for my own blog 😉 )

Anyone who knows me, will know that sleep comes very high on my list of priorities. Being 21 weeks pregnant and being mum to an 11 month old certainly keeps me busy during to the day and so when it comes to night I like to make the most of as much sleep as I can possibly get. When my sister asked me to review the Dream Genii pregnancy pillow for her blog I was of course delighted to be able to help her out.

I’ve been using the pillow for about a week now and aside from a teething baby getting me up in the middle of the night, my sleep has been fantastic. This pillow is a godsend. I particularly like that the pillow supports my back and that I can turn over if necessary without having to rearrange the entire pillow. When I was pregnant with Zara I just used a full length body pillow but the dreamgenii is just in a different class, I just feel so supported and comfortable whilst I’m in bed and it’s not so bulky that it feels like there is an extra person in the bed with us Of course it does have the disadvantage that it makes it even harder to drag myself out of bed at 3am in the morning to deal with a teething baby but that will be my fault for getting pregnant again so soon lol.

Pop over to the Dream Genii website here for more information and also check out their other products, I’ve just seen their new Twinkle Togs for toddlers and I think I might have to invest in one as they look fantastic If they ever want me to test one of these on Zara then I’m always happy to help

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  • Reply Sonia November 9, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Great review Dawnie Thanks 🙂 I agree about the Twinkle Togs! I am gutted Maisie is too big for them! Will definately get Maxwell one when he is older though :))

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