Posted on November 16, 2011

Guest Post – Some Cool Christmas Decorations

Christmas/ Guest post
Christmas is nearly upon us.  That means shopping, gifts, parties and of course decorations.   If I’m honest, I guess I am a bit of a decoration scrooge!  I do like them but less is definitely more.  A few tasteful pieces to enhance your home rather than take it over is my thing.  But the hubby has other ideas.  Left to him, we’d be drowning in a sea of red, green and gold.
Each year, when we open up the decorations they seem to have miraculously reproduced.  Either that or the hubby has been secretly buying them and hiding them away (kind of like what I do with all those expensive shoes then!).  This year we have agreed a middle ground – only tasteful decorations and not too many but no minimalism either.   So I’ve been on the hunt before he has a chance and these are my top finds:

1. How elegant are these hanging ply birds by Lush Designs? They come in 18 gorgeous colours and you can hang them wherever you fancy.
2.  I can just picture the dreamy star shapes that would dance across your walls with these lights from Ikea and as always with Ikea, you get a lot of bang for your buck!
3.  These brightly coloured hanging letters are great to spell out festive wishes or your child’s initials on their stocking or gift.  These are from Anthropologie, one of my favourite stores for eclectic goodies.
4. Lovi is my latest find and I am in love.  The tree is just stunning and so are all the hanging ornaments.  So if you fancy a different kind of Christmas tree that you can re-use year on year, then this Lovi one is by far the most stylish one I’ve come across.
5. I love this little chap who’s called Tonttu. He’s just a little decoration for your table or mantle and he comes from Heals.
6.  This little village advent calendar is adorable.  Each house has a little pocket on the back and is numbered from 1 to 24.  And each one also has a little ribbon so they can be hung up.  This advent calendar is by Mara Bara Design.  
7.  Hanging some bunting or garlands up brings a cheery party atmosphere to any room.  I can’t imagine Christmas without at least one garland and I really like these simple gold and silver paper circles.  You’ll get a little bit of shimmer without it taking over.  This one is from Rob Ayre’s shop on Etsy.  But you’ll find loads more on Etsy so you can seek out your favourite.  
8.  These “Winter Creatures” by Mibo are so cute.  You get to make them up yourself so your kiddo’s can help too and then display on the dinner table or hang them up in your bambino’s room.  They’re from Pookie and Peach.
9.  Lots and lots of teeny tiny gold stars to scatter across your table or display in clear bowls.  I like to put a few in every Christmas card and gift I wrap too so they sprinkle out when opened (just make sure the hoover’s handy!).  You can get these easily but I found them at Wedding & Bridal Boutique.


Nomita Vaish-Taylor

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  • Reply Anonymous December 12, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    I enjoyed that. they look really good

    found some good ones on too

  • Reply SusanKMann November 16, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Aww these look great. Love Christmas Decorations x

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