Posted on August 4, 2011

Guest Post – Returning to Work…

Guest post

The lovely Frankee from Mush for Brains is on the blog this evening with her experience of returning to work and continuing to exclusively breastfeed!! You’re doing great Frankee! Keep it up chick xxx

So I have started back at work after my maternity leave, and little Liv is at nursery. Where has the time gone??

I took 18 weeks maternity and a few annual leave which meant I started back when madam was 4 months old. She now takes bottles of expressed breastmilk like a pro, if you hold her right, and I have built up a few days supply in my freezer thanks to the Medela Swing – Review Here. As Liv has never had more than a bottle in a day to teach her how to take it, I had NO idea how much she would need to take. Now on day 4 I’ve sent 3 6oz bottles, she has been having 2 5oz and a 6oz bottle for the past 2 days and drained them both.

Nursery seems to have been pretty seamless and smooth, apart from the naps. There is far too much going on and madam refuses to miss out on any fun, so on Tuesday she had a grand total of 45 minutes nap time. At home she normally goes down for a nap every 2-3 hours for between 1 and 2 hours a time, so  45 minutes in nearly 9 hours is a big difference. As soon as we got into the car she was knocked out, even carrying her upstairs didn’t wake her up, so I put her in her cot… 2.5 hours later she was still asleep so I woke her and she went straight back to sleep. Bath time and a feed roused her a little but by 8.30pm she was back in bed for the night. I knew what was coming… 3am she woke up starving, *sigh* we’ve not had one of them since she was about 9 weeks old! Nursery broke my sleeping baby!

Yesterday I asked nursery to try to get her to take more naps, they did try but failed. At home she has a blackout curtain and silence in her room. I doubt I could sleep with all the little monkeys running around nursery either to be honest, but I didn’t let her nap as much at home, we were out and about running errands for Sundays upcoming christening, so when we got home she bathed, played, ate and was in bed just after 9, and I got her up this morning at 6.30. Perfect!

As for work, its kind of a non starter for me at the moment. My previous role no longer exists and this new one isn’t something I’d ever have chosen for myself. My new boss is fab though and is looking to find me different roles to take on. On my first day back I told my boss that I was still breastfeeding and would need the time, and facilities to express. If I’m honest, I felt a bit embarrassed announcing this to guy I knew as a peer from a Future leaders programme, but he was amazingly supportive and we immediately went scouring the building for  a private room and has offered to buy me my own microwave to sterilise the pump instead of sharing it with the scummy folks in the main office. So far I take two 45 minute breaks to get 4-5 oz a time and he’s been totally fine with it.

I’m not sure how sustainable this will be once I have a real job to do. My goal is to get to 6 months exclusively breastfeeding and they start a follow on milk for when she’s at nursery. Its taking longer and longer to get 5oz now, and as shes on 3 6oz feeds a day, I’m coming up short so may have to start pumping in the evening too, as well as first thing in the morning and 2 at work.

We shall see…

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  • Reply Roxi_lovely August 4, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Really liked this post. It's a shame that we still get embarrassed talking about breast feeding to guys in this day and age but I guess this is just the world we live in!

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