Posted on June 14, 2013

GLOWkids T-shirts Review

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Boo and Bugs were sent some t-shirts from GLOWkids a couple of weeks ago. We love the idea behind GLOWkids so were very pleased to get asked to review them.

Photo 08-06-2013 13 52 24

Love their new t-shirts!

GLOWkids was the idea of Caroline King, a mother of two boys and a graphic designer. GLOWkids is transforming children’s basic safety wear into a brand that kids don’t find embarrassing to wear with its child attracting themes – all designed to capture children’s imagination whilst also increasing their understanding of the importance of being seen and visible whilst outside.

GLOWkids is basically high visibility children’s wear to MAKE THEM SEEN, MAKE THEM SAFER! GLOWkids have some really fun designs which Boo & Bugs really enjoyed choosing for themselves. The t-shirts are 100% cotton, lovely quality and nice & soft! The shape of them seems really good too – we have washed them once so far and they didn’t lose any shape and the seams are all still in the right places!

Photo 08-06-2013 13 45 19

Front of boy’s snail design t-shirt – Yay he loves it!

Photo 08-06-2013 13 45 05

Back of boy’s snail design t-shirt

As you can see Bugs really loves his new t-shirt! This is a size 3-4 years and I have started buying 4-5 for him now as he is getting such a big boy, but this fits him lovely so I think they’re quite generous sizes. Bugs’s t-shirt would have cost £12.00 which I think is a really good price for a good quality t-shirt like these! I’d happily buy him more!! I was really surprised at just how effective these t-shirts are; they really do make the kids stand out from the crowd, if you’re going to a busy place then I think they are perfect!

Photo 08-06-2013 13 53 54

Front of girl’s POW design! Not sure what was so funny 😉

Photo 08-06-2013 13 48 03

Back of girl’s POW Design!

Obviously Boo had to go for pink 😉 The style & fit is a little different on Boo’s t-shirt but still the same great quality, This one is a size 10-12 which is a little big but she will soon grow into it. She was originally sent a 7-9 years which was a little on the snug side. She is a big girl for her age, she will be 7 this year but most clothes I buy her now are 9-10 yrs. This t-shirt will fit her for a good year or two so at £14.00 it’s a pretty good price!

So I really love the GLOWkids range, they have some fab designs over on their websites; they also do hoodies and appliqué designs. We have all had those heart stopping moments when you turn round and can’t see your little one; these certainly will help you spot them sooner if they are within viewing distance 🙂

Check out the GLOWKIDS website for more information…

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  • Reply Elaine Kidd June 14, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    It would be great if you could do a follow up later to see how bright the colours are after being washed and worn for a couple of months.

    • Reply Sonia June 15, 2013 at 1:39 pm

      That’s a great idea Elaine! I will do 🙂

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