Posted on May 20, 2014

Getting Ready to Start School


I doesn’t seem two minutes since I was walking Lero to school on his first day, he is 18 this year and I just can’t believe how time has gone by. I did cry on the way home that morning, he didn’t see my tears of course just a big happy face so he knew everything was going to be just fine but it really did break my heart leaving him there. He was fine of course, settled in really well and loved going, he still loves going  now (not quite as much as he did)  he’s doing his A Levels.

This year I get to walk my last baby to his first day of school and I am dreading it… He will only have just turned 4 on his first day and he is still so little, my baby! But I know from experience that he will be just fine and will hopefully love going! He loves going to the school nursery five mornings a week and his current nursery teacher will be moving to teach him in reception so his teacher will remain the same too; which I think is a good thing but only time will tell.

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Boo walking Bugs to his first morning at nursery last September 🙂

Three kids, Almost 14 years means I’m no stranger to school uniform, I think I’ve had uniforms from every possible supplier over the years and I have to say that I ALWAYS buy from George at Asda nowadays, not only because I have a fantastic Asda 5 minutes away but because you just cannot beat the quality of the clothes for the money!

George also have a 100 day satisfaction guarantee on all of their clothes and George homeware, if you aren’t satisfied within 100 days you can take it back to the store (with proof of purchase) for a full refund or exchange! Service like that cannot be beaten and that is one of the reasons I won’t shop anywhere else!

The school uniform’s we have bought from George have lasted and lasted! They are so cheap I always buy a couple of extra so I don’t have to do as much washing and ironing through out the week 😉

So my baby boy will be starting his full time education just as my oldest will be finishing his A Levels, that will be one less uniform to buy so maybe I’ll be able to treat myself to some bits too 🙂

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  • Reply Kim Carberry May 21, 2014 at 10:34 am

    I love Asda for school uniform too!!….I always buy my girls school trousers and shirts from there….I wish I could buy the jumpers too instead of having to by them from the school with the logo on….Very expensive!!

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