Posted on November 13, 2013

Get Organised with Post-it Index


I have to admit to having an obsession with Post-its, I have then stuck all over my office wall with things I need to do on, I have them stuck all over pages of books with notes I have made, I stick them on the inside of the front door with notes for my other half so he will see them on his way to work in a morning and I have some gorgeous pink love heart ones that I write little love notes on and stick them to the inside of Boo’s packed lunch 🙂

Photo 13-11-2013 09 27 50

I am the same with post-it’s index flags… My main use for them is to mark my favourite recipes in recipe books. If I have has a particularly successful recipe I put a big smilie face on the index flag or if it ended up a disaster I’d put a sad face just so I know not to make it again! It makes it so much easier to know I have lots of ‘go to’ recipes when I can’t think of anything for dinner! The Hairy Dieters are my favourite recipe books at the moment as I’m trying to be healthy but still cook for the whole family at the same time so I’m working my way through their books right now and most have been a success! Not only is it helpful but it looks pretty too!

Photo 13-11-2013 09 51 29

Post-it’s index flags are incredibly useful for many other things too – I have a week to view diary currently and I always stick an index flag on a page where I have any birthdays or other special occasions so that I know it would be useful to have a look a couple of weeks prior to that date because I may need to buy cards and gifts!

Boo also uses index flags as bookmarks; she was forever losing her bookmarks or didn’t have enough so I gave her a pack of these and she has never moaned since. They are great because you can just move them from one page to another again and again with out them losing their stick!

The Post-it UK facebook page always has some really creative uses for their products! I particularly LOVE this idea…


Do you use Post-it Index Flags? I’d love to know how if you do 🙂

* I received the index flags pictured in this post and a cash incentive to write this post. I genuinely do love Post-it notes and index flags because they make my life so much easier! 

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