Posted on November 5, 2012

Get Lenses Review


I was recently sent some coloured contact lenses from Get Lenses to try; I’ve never actually tried coloured contacts before and have only just started using contacts so I don’t know an awful lot 😉 I have always wanted to try coloured contacts though as they have always intrigued me that is why I jumped at the chance when Best British Bloggers asked me to do the review for them 🙂 The contacts I was sent are non prescription violet Fresh Look colours and you can have them in a range of colours, prescription or non prescription so that anyone can wear them!

I’ll let you look at the pictures below to see for yourselves just how much they changes my eye colour 🙂

No Contacts

One coloured contact in the left eye

Wearing two coloured contacts

As you can see from the photos they do change my eye colour quite dramatically and I found it very strange to be honest! I love my eye colour and really do not like the violet that they changed too; especially because I lost the black ring around my iris. These are not something that I would buy for daily contacts but I probably would buy them for a fancy dress party or something like that!

FreshLook Colors coloured contact lenses from respected contact lens manufacturer Ciba Vision give you a great range of fantastic colours that will totally alter your eye colour. These lenses are opaque, completely obscuring your own natural iris so they can give you an intense – if not shocking – change to your eye colour. These are coloured contact lenses to make your friends, colleagues and family really say WOW – subtle, they are not.

These lenses cost £12.99 for a box of two but if you buy multiple boxes then the price goes down to £9.99. Get Lenses is a great website that sells a whole range of contacts; I will certainly be looking into buying my own from there!

I have a discount code for you to use if you would like to shop at Get Lenses – use the code ‘LENSES88’ for 10% off – New customers only – no minimum order value. Enjoy :O)


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