Posted on November 22, 2013

Get Cleaning with Scotch-Brite and Scotchgard!


A couple of weeks ago I was sent a whole heap of products from Scotch-Brite & Scotchgard to have a look at and review! I am a bit sad when it comes to cleaning products and get rather excited by it so imagine my excitement when all of these turned up on my doorstep! I did actually squeal with delight 😉

Photo 17-11-2013 13 42 12

We had a house viewing yesterday so all week I have been putting these products to good use and I am really impressed! There is a cloth for every surface which I just love…

Photo 17-11-2013 13 43 21

The Microfibre Window Cloth is brilliant and you only need to use a detergent for really stubborn stains! It is brilliant for removing fingerprints which I have many all over my patio doors, it removes them every time with no smears!

Photo 17-11-2013 13 46 54

The Microfibre Hi-Tech Cloth is a MUST HAVE in this day and age, It is great for TV, computer screens and all electronic devices like DVD players etc. I love it and can often be found shining my iPhone with it 😉

Photo 17-11-2013 13 46 31

 The Scotch-Brite range and the quality of products is amazing – I love all the choice, so many different products for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom! The pretty patterned non scratch sponge scourers look so pretty and really to the job!

Scotch-brite tub scrubber

My favourite products have to be the tub scrubber (it’s shaped like a heart) and the grout scrubber! Genius I was always moaning about the grout line being dirty and could never get it clean properly but now I can!

Photo 22-11-2013 10 05 08

The Scotchgard products I have been using for a long time and can highly recommend them! I have used the outdoor fabric protector on shoes for many years and it is brilliant! I also love the fabric & upholstery cleaner, I use it mainly for spot cleaning as it really does shift stains!

I can only say great things about Scotch-Brite & Scotchgard products! Really great products and great value for money too!

Fancy treating yourself to some of these products? My lovely readers can get a 20% discount and free postage and packaging on all Scotch-Brite or Scotchgard protector products. This offer can be redeemed on using discount code: mums 🙂

* I received all of the above free of charge and was compensated for my time to review these products, all thoughts are my own. 

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