Posted on September 13, 2012

Fijit Friends Serafina Review

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A Fijit Friend is an interactive best friend that chats with you – she recognises over 30 keywords and responds with over 150 phrases! She also loves to dance with you – play any music and she grooves to the beat with her hilariously fidgety body! She is squishy soft, oh-so huggable and is eager to make you laugh out loud!

Serafina is a little lady who has the biggest heart, loves to talk and wants to hear everything you have to say. She adores all things girly: fashion, make-up, jewelry, and going to the mall!

Girl Tech Fijit – Serafina

I’ll be honest with you and say I had never heard of a Fijit Friend until I opened my toyologist box last Friday! My first impression is that it is really cute! It is all soft & squidgy a bit like the texture of a stress ball; I really adore  that about it! To be quite honest that is all I love about it; I find it hard to understand, annoying, repetitive, rather expensive & I had a pretty hard task trying to get it to stop telling daft jokes!

Having said that Boo loves it! She has played with it constantly since she got it & has a tough time getting Bugs to keep his hands off it too! They both seem to be addicted to the  thing & all I want to do is take  its batteries out ! Boo seems to understand it fine and get’s it to react to alsorts – I guess you have to be a 6 yr old to enjoy it!

Here’s a little video I made… So you can see for yourselves how hilarious it is 😉

Serafina has several different modes –

“Chat with Me” Mode

You have to say “Chat with me” to enter the chat mode, Serafina will ask 1 of 3 types of questions; general, weather or feelings. The idea is that you chat naturally to your Fijit friend and you are likely to hit upon words that she recognises, although there is a cheat sheet to help you along.

“Tell Me a Joke” Mode

Again you need to say “Tell me a joke” to enter this mode, Serafina tells 2-liner jokes and knock-knock jokes. I found it hard to switch from this mode to another one; she seemed to want to keep telling jokes.

“Dance with Me” Mode

Serafina loves to dance and will dance to her music and yours!

“Good Night” Mode

My favourite mode 😉 She looks so adorable as she starts snoring and  falls off to sleep!

I have been a little harsh on this toy, I don’t like it personally but the kids love it so I guess that makes it a pretty good toy 😉

We were sent the Fijit Friend to review as part of the ToyRus Toyologist programme. You can purchase Serafina for £54.99 although she is reduced by £10.00 so currently is £44.99


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  • Reply Amanda @gidders1 September 16, 2012 at 9:10 am

    I have just played the video 3 times to my LO she loves it! So its obviously is a childrens thing. I like that it lights up and she dances better than me 😉

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