Posted on June 11, 2012

Fathers Day Gift Set from Cocoon Collection

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Hi All, it’s Kara from Innocent Charms Chats here reviewing another great item on behalf of the truly awesome Sonia of This Mummy Loves.

We were very kindly asked by Cocoon Collection to pick a Father’s Day Gift Set to review. I headed over to their website and was amazed at the massive choice of sets and gifts for the Dad in your life, I now have 3 to buy for on Father’s Day so I am always looking for new gift ideas, My Dad, StepDad and Ashley my Husband who are all very different in their tastes and I can never go to just one place to buy from, but I think that may no longer be the case now I have found Cocoon’s website.
They do gifts in the Father’s Day Section from £2-68, so a great price range, when I came to choosing something to review I was spoilt for choice. Who would I choose to give it to, they had sets for each, the Dad’s Finest Choice Set looked fab for my Step Dad who likes all different types of chutney and Jams (as he is allergic to chocolate), then for my Daddy who believes sweets could be used as 3 course meals there was the Sweet Dad Set, yummy sweets and chocolates (but I thought I will eat this before giving out) and then for Ashley The Relax for Men set is right up his alley, relaxing bath treats etc with Jack Daniels Fudge (he does loves the Jacks).

So I was at a loss, then I remembered that we were off to my Dad’s for an afternoon/evening of chatting and eating so I decided to choose the Fun for Dad Gift Set, so that instead giving it as a present on Father’s Day, my Dad and Ashley could give it a go to see whether it would be a good recommendation for you.
Within 48 hrs of ordering it was on my doorstep via courier, first impressions, awesome, it comes all gift wrapped in a beautiful Large White Box with Blue Bow, honestly there would be no need to wrap, this was a gift ready to go. On opening the box, you are met by matching Blue Tissue Paper and gift wrapping to keep the items safe. It was when we started unpacking I was truly amazed by the amount you get for £26.99.

6 fab items to play with, with different skill levels and something for everyone’s taste. As I said we got this out today to play with, there was my Dad (56), StepMum, Ashley (34) and Myself, to be honest even Addison had a little play, she loved the cups from the Magic Cups and Balls and also loved the noise the Bendy Game made.

We sat round the table and played with the gift box for over an hour or more, the plane was built 1st and was thrown around the room, Ash loved the plane as it took him back to making them when he was a child, it brought the competitive nature out of everyone, seeing who could throw it the furthest. Meanwhile we unpacked the Bendy Buzzle which is just genius and worth the £26 on it’s own, I know this will come out time and time again at parties. It was so funny making different shapes for my Dad to think he could complete. Ash went on to make a Tulip from the Origami set (which has so many coloured papers you could make everything in the book and more), we then used the Pub Quiz book and played a round, this was a little more difficult than most books I have seen in these sets and we really didn’t do too well.
The thing that amazed me where the rattle magnets, my Step-mum unpacked these and we both just could not see the interest, but how wrong were we, my Dad and Ashley have played with these all night, between the 2 of them they haven’t left one of their hands, I am guessing it’s a Male thing so they really have a place in this set.

So all in all we love the set, all 4 of us, my Step Mum has now saved the web address as she has 2 grown up son’s she can see great gifts for and I am off to order a Father’s Day present for one of the 3 above (ssh they maybe reading) this set will be coming along too on our Father’s Day Picnic, where my Brothers and Brother In Law will be too and I know it will be enjoyed.

So if you are looking for a Father’s Day gift or in fact any gift head over to Cocoon Collection, they have gifts from 0-100 for all tastes, I am extremely pleased with the service and products we received and shall continue to recommend.

Disclosure – We were sent this Gift Set FOC in respect of a review, our opinions are 100% true and honest.

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    We really did love this gift set xx

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