Posted on December 23, 2014

Do you have an Unusual Fear?


Personally I have pretty standard fears. I am absolutely terrified of spiders and I’m not particularly fond of dying but apart from that I honestly cannot say anything really bothers me too much. I did used to have a huge fear of driving which I received treatment for and now it really doesn’t affect me.

I do find myself more scared for my children’s future more than anything else currently, there is so much pain in the world and I am scared that they may have to encounter such things in their future. I know that I can’t control those things so I can’t think of things like that too much or I think I would become an irrational mess. Right now I am in protector mode and will try and shield them from harm.


Benenden recently conducted a survey to look into unusual fears, 771 people took part and I have to say the results are pretty interesting. Fear is an awful thing and I really don’t wish it on anyone but most of us seem to have a fear of something or other, thankfully having overcome one of my fears I know there are plenty of things out there that can help us – so if you do suffer from an irrational fear please get some help!

Fear can stop you doing so much with your life but you can do things to help you overcome them, I won’t say that every single person can be cured of their fears but there are certain things that will help you cope with panic attacks etc.


One of the fears that is listed is 8% of the people asked were afraid of being without mobile coverage! Seriously?!? I just cannot take this one seriously, maybe it’s because I was 20 before I got a mobile phone and I know that it’s possible to cope in life without one? Are the youth of today really so afraid of being without their phones? That is a really sad thought. In ten years time will the whole world just sit on their phones/tablets all day everyday, will anyone actually leave their house anymore?

Like I said the results are really interesting so pop over and have a read. You may realise that you are not alone with your fear of hippos, clowns, bananas or feet.

Do you have an irrational fear? I’d love to hear about it, please leave me a comment. So far I’ve met people with a fear of heights, clowns, snakes, spiders, death, feet, small spaces and the dark. Are you any different?

* Written in association with Benenden.

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