Posted on September 16, 2012

Disney Princess Magic Wand Game

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We were sent the Disney Princess Magic Wand Game to review as part of the Toysrus Toyologist programme! This was a perfect item to include in Boo’s box as she is Disney princess MAD; Our first box of goodies has been amazing, it was like Boo went into Toys R us and chose 10 toys for herself!! !

Disney Princess Magic Wand Game

In the Disney Princess Magic Wand Game you play as one of the Disney Princesses, the magic wand tells you what to do and guides you to the castle. It will say things like “Beautiful Princess I grant you to move 4 places” There are magic pathways along the way; the magical wand tells you when you can rotate one of them so that you can move forward in the game or you can move one to block other princesses. Beware of landing on the evil characters as these make you miss a turn.

Play as one of four Disney Princess

The Magic Wand guides you through the game

The magic wand will also tell you that you can change places with any other princess on the board at some point  – this can upset little ones especially when they are near the castle *evil laugh* I always pick my moments for this wisely as it can end it tantrums 😉 If you are stood on a magic square or have one of the special diamonds then you are safe from any of the spells.

The 1st to make it to the Castle wins the game!

Boo really enjoys playing this, having a magic wand to guide you through instead of dice makes it an awful lot more fun – especially for a princess loving girl! I just had a quick look on the website and it is priced at £9.99; I was nicely surprised at this as I was expecting about £14.99. It is definitely is worth £9.99 if you have a big Disney princess fan – I think we’ve already had our money’s worth in just a week 😉

The magic wand requires 2 AAA batteries, it says on the website it is suitable for 1-4 players but I can’t really see it being suitable for 1 player? So 2-4 would be correct. 3+ years

The Disney Princess Magic Wand Game is available at ToysRus 🙂

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