Posted on March 16, 2018

Debunking your Mum


I often find myself thinking oh my goodness I sound just like my mum, I think my most often used phrase is “Were you born in a barn?” something that my mum used to say to us all the time when we left a door open. When Buy a Gift send me this infographic I just had to share because it brought back so many memories for me and I thought you would all enjoy it too.

My mum used every single one of these on me apart from the last one which I have never heard before. I’m sure she wasn’t intentionally fibbing to me, probably just following on from what she had been told as a child. Thankfully I now know the truth!

I am actually guilty of using a few of these myself but with no real thought behind it, I’m guessing these things have just stayed with me from childhood and I never really thought about whether they were true or not. I think these are all really harmless little fibs and they are just done in a lovely way to protect our little ones or encourage them to eat as we all know how stressful getting the kids to eat their veggies can be!

I’ve always told my kids to eat their carrots to help them see in the dark.

I always tell them to wear a coat so they don’t catch a cold.

I do tell them to not sit so close to the TV but not because their eyes will go square.

I do tell them to wait a while to go swimming because exercise on a full tummy isn’t great.

I tell them not to swallow gum the only reason being it isn’t supposed to be swallowed.

I’m guilty of the eating apple pips one too but I say it jokingly so they don’t actually believe that apple trees will grow in their tummies 😉

A couple of my favourites from my childhood were…

Don’t tell lies or your nose will grow!

Your ears turn red when you lie!

What about you? Are you guilty of using any of the above? Do you have any others that you can add?  I would love to hear them if so 🙂


Featured Photo by Harshal S. Hirve on Unsplash




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