Posted on December 8, 2017

Creating Christmas Memories with the HP ENVY Photo 7830 Printer


A couple of months ago I wrote about reinventing memories with the HP ENVY Photo 7830 Printer and we have been making a special effort to continue with taking lots of photos, printing them out and continuing to fill our photo album ever since. It’s really wonderful to see our album filling up and I’d really encourage you all to do the same.

What I love about this time of year is all the little traditions that we have started doing as a family so I thought I would share them with you all today. These are by no means our ideas but things we have heard about over the last 20 or so years and just continued with. So if you are looking for some new traditions then read on…

Our Fun Family Christmas Traditions: 

Reverse Advent: This is our second year doing the reverse advent and one I will be continuing for many years. Each day of Advent we put an item of food into a box and then take it to a food bank. We did this last year through Advent and donated it to the food bank on Christmas Eve and the contents wouldn’t have been used until January, so this year we did it throughout November so we were able to take our donation this weekend for it to be enjoyed at Christmas.

Elf on the Shelf: Back in 2012 I started seeing this little Elf character doing the rounds on social media so I decided I wanted to do this too! I won’t lie to you I’m started to get a bit burnt out and last year I think he only appeared for a week but this year I have really rekindled my love for little Elfie and we have been having some great fun already! I figure we only have a couple more years before Elfie retires so I’m making the most of the fun while the magic lasts 🙂

Christmas Eve Christmas Dinner: This is a new one to us that we started last year, as it is usually just the five of us for Christmas dinner I thought I’d try doing it for evening meal on Christmas Eve so I that I was free to enjoy Christmas morning with my family instead of being stuck in the kitchen. This worked out so well and Christmas was so much more enjoyable because of it.

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Christmas Eve Hamper: Elfie flies back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve and leaves the children a hamper full of goodies to enjoy on Christmas Eve. they both get a new pair of Christmas Pyjamas, a Christmas book, Christmas mugs, a Christmas Film and popcorn, hot chocolate etc for us all to enjoy while we watch their film.

Reindeer Dust: We always go outside on Christmas Eve and watch for Father Christmas (ISS) flying over and then sprinkle some reindeer dust over the garden so they can find us easily and then we go inside and track him using the NORAD app 🙂

Drink & Mince Pie for Father Christmas: Yes of course we always leave a drink and mince pie out for Father Christmas and some carrots for the reindeer! This is something I have done since I was little. I remember one year Mum didn’t have any fresh carrots so I left a tin of carrots and a tin opener 😉

Christmas Tree Decorations: Each year we buy the children a new bauble/tree decoration and when they move out of home in many years to come they will have a lovely collection to take for their first tree.

What special family traditions do you have?

I can’t wait to capture lots of Christmas memories to print and put in my album, I am thankful that I won’t have to worry about ink for my printer this year! We have been using the HP ENVY Photo 7830 Printer for a good couple of months now and I have already received a delivery of ink. It is amazing to not have to think about ordering ink, your printer recognises when you will need some more and it is delivered to your door without you having to lift a finger! It really is genius! I know from past experience that it is a real pain running out of ink, there have been many times that I have run out of ink and forgot to order any then it would be weeks before I got round to it and we could not use the printer at all in that time so the instant ink subscription is a real life changer for me!

Instant Ink automatically delivers HP Original Ink cartridges to your doorstep when your printer is running low. You can start on the free printing plan and upgrade to a paid plan, starting at £1.99 a month, or up to just £7.99 if you’re printing over 300 pages a month. Instant Ink can save you up to 70% on ink costs annually.

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  • Reply Emma January 6, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    We love our instant ink too! I loved reading about your traditions. We have a Christmas Eve snuggle sack with new pyjamas, a DVD and popcorn in 🙂

  • Reply Lucy December 14, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    What a lovely thing to do. Last year I did lots of handmade gifts to donate to the shoebox charity and when I got a certificate of thanks I was so chuffed that my hard work was appreciated.

  • Reply Sarah Lawton December 10, 2017 at 11:22 am

    That tradition with the baubles is inspired! Stealing that one now! Lovely post and lovely traditions. We have family coming this year so I will have lots of help in the kitchen!

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