Posted on November 20, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide – Peppa Knitted Animal Finger Puppets in Giftbag

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Hello All it’s Kara from Innocent Charms Chats passing by Sonia’s blog with a little review.

We were lucky enough to be sent The Peppa Knitted Animal Finger Puppets in Giftbag from Baby E.

First off I was hugely pleased that the Animal Finger Puppets are made in a lovely little village in India and are helping to support Fair Trade, in many walks of my life I have purposely bought Fair Trade items where possible and I was pleased to follow this through with toys for my little munchkins.

When I opened the handy little pouch the Finger Puppets came in, I was not disappointed to find these gorgeous little hand knitted animals, they have the sweetest faces and personalities.

Initially I had thought the Finger Puppets would be geared more towards Grayson, to help with his developmental issues, but once I started showing them to Grayson and making the animal noises, Addison’s little face began to smile and show interest.

There are 5 animals included in the little gift set for £10.99, Tiger/Panda/Crocodile/Lion and Elephant, we actually played with the Elephant as a Mouse, I think that’s one of the great things about the puppets you can interpret and play with them anyway yours or your child’s imagination allows.

The puppets are interactive play toys for the whole family from a young age, we would stroke them against Addy and Gray’s faces whilst making animal noises so they can distinguish and learn, in particular I think they both enjoyed the Lion the most because of the mane, it is the most tactile of the puppets and would tickle there nose whilst we played.

The puppets fit into the changing bag with ease and we even took them to one of Grayson’s therapy sessions and the therapist loved them, they said puppets are a great developmental tool as they give you a chance to get the child interested and motivated whilst trying to help physical weaknesses, we used them to distract Grayson whilst he was strengthening his leg tone.

I think the great thing about the puppets is not only do the babies enjoy them now at 6 months and 2 years but as they get older and there playing changes they will probably use them in games with one another without the help of us.

All in all we as a family love the puppets, they have worked well, particularly more with Addy at bringing on her sensory development, they have become a permanent fixture in our nappy bag for trips out as they take little space and being organic and fair trade makes them all the better.

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    Ha! How cute are they???

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