Posted on December 1, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide – Notalie

Christmas/ Christmas Gift Guide/ Review

Notalie is a brand new concept. The world’s tallest companion doll, designed to let girls be girls! She is 1 metre tall and has a VERY unique appearance! She has knotty elbows and knees and is the perfect size and squishy-ness to be a girl’s best friend!


I absolutely love Notalie and the idea behind her! Little girls are growing up far too quickly nowadays and have so much to take on their little shoulders. Notalie has been designed to encourage girls to play with their dolls for longer and to remain children for longer and to develop at their normal rate! Notalie alone cannot deal with this problem alone so it is up to us as parents to ensure this happens!

This is where Notalie comes in. She is carefully designed to look like the girls who will play with her and because she is so tall, she is immediately embraced as one of the gang. She’s feisty and funny and can share jewellery, hair accessories and be part of a girl’s life, whatever she is doing. She’s a true best friend.

This enables girls to indulge in vital creative play for much longer.

Notalie is the first stage of a carefully planned  mission to help empower young girls as they grow up. In a world where celebrity takes centre stage and where blame culture is the order of the day, Notalie’s role is to bring back some good old-fashioned values like respect, (for themselves and others), to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their own actions. However, she’s not a ‘goody-two-shoes’ but very much a girl of today – spirited, funny and intelligent.
Notalie taking Hitch for a walk
I will always encourage my kids to play with age appropriate toys and try and help them be kids for as long as possible! I hate the way life has become – young girls idolise models and celebrities in magazines & on TV  that have been air-brushed to death! So we have welcomed the lovely Notalie into our home and I will proudly tell everyone I meet about her! Boo already loves her and I think Bugs has a bit of a crush on her too ;O)
Boo absolutely loves the fact that she can share her jewellery & hair accessories with Notalie – It really does make it much more fun than having a baby doll around! I think I may just have to buy her dog Hitch for her for Christmas too as I feel a bit sad about him being left on his own – I mean look how adorable he is!!
Notalie is available from for £45 and Hitch is £30 – but be quick only 600 have been made! :O) While you’re on the website check out Notalie’s blog for some really fun posts – She has been getting some rather great attention and has recently been seen on Blue Peter & The Wright Stuff! *High Five* Notalie! We love you & yes you are better than Barbie!!!! :O)

You can follow Notalie on Twitter @NotalieKnot or say hi on Facebook too :O)

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  • Reply The undomesticated scientist December 1, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    a cool idea but i won't be getting one for my tiny. she doesn't do dolls! much prefers her fluffy animals! (yes she shares her hair clips and that with them (poor things!)). I don't have womens mags or what those sort of shows so i hope she'll turn out ok! you never know. its hex bugs for us this year!

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