Posted on November 15, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide – Ladybird Grow With Me Musical Walker

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Bugs was sent the Ladybird Grow With Me Musical Walker from Littlewoods recently! Firstly I must say I was a bit shocked at this as I didn’t even realise Littlewoods sold toys! I thought they just sold clothes! Silly me! They have a huge selection of toys over on their website!

The Ladybird Grow With Me Musical Walker is suitable from 6 months, although I would say it is perfect from when they just starting to toddle. It has a detachable keyboard that plays tunes, animal sounds and has five flashing keys! Bugs absolutely loves this part! It also has a detachable squeaky phone and lots of other little features to keep babies amused like a little mirror, turning cogs, rattles & balls!

The wheels do have an adjustment on them to stop them turning, this is great for when little ones aren’t steady on their feet; although it doesn’t stop moving altogether it does slow them down a great deal. Bugs now just runs around everywhere with it, he isn’t that confident on his feet yet but if he has the support of his walker he just flies round :O)

The detachable keyboard is a huge hit!

We are very happy with the walker and Bugs has already had hours of fun with it! I am sure he will continue to do so as he gets more confident on his feet! :O)

The Ladybird Grow With Me Musical Walker is available at Littlewoods for £30.00

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