Posted on October 12, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide – Ava & Luc Pyjamas

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I have a Guest review for you today from my wonderful friend Kara who you can find at Innocent Charms Chats! Kara is reviewing a pair of beautiful pyjamas from Ava & Luc – well when I say Kara I mean her gorgeous little boy Grayson ;o)

Hello All I am Kara from Innocent Charms Chats here to say thanks to our lovely friend Sonia by Grayson guest reviewing  some great new Dinosaur Designed PJ’s from Ava & Luc.

“‘Ava & Luc’ was born in September 2010 after we (Janice Rokita and Vicki Leaver) found that our high expectations of childrens clothing were not being met.  Fed up with pastel blues, pale pinks, ‘cutesie’ prints and highly impractical garment design (if you’ve ever tried to get a round neck T shirt over a 12 month child’s head or had a toddler cry about a logo label irritating their neck when you’re out and about with no scissors with you, you’ll identify with the problems they faced!), we started to sketch out what we felt would be an ‘ideal’ sleepsuit, bib, T shirt and pair of pyjamas, then canvassed friends and family for opinions.  After lots of positive feedback, we set about manufacturing a capsule collection of clothing with an ethical supplier based in India (no child labour used, employees are paid fairly and work reasonable hours) “

How right are these ladies, Grayson is just coming up 3, he is super tall for his age but also super skinny, PJ’s don’t last long in our house, they always fade, fray and can not live up to Grayson’s bum shuffling.

I was so pleased when the “Stegosaurus Print PJ’s” arrived, beautifully packaged and raring to be tested.

Not only that we both loved the fact that the ankles of the bottoms have elastic to stop him getting cold legs in the evenings, as this frequently happens with standard jammies.

As said above labels can always be a worry about irritating little ones skin, especially Gray’s as he suffers with Eczema, well not with Ava & Luc’s PJ’s, as they sew them on the outside, we thought this was a fab idea and looked pretty trendy too.

Grayson and Daddy put about testing the PJ’s in full, Grayson always has a good acrobatic session with Daddy in the evenings to wind down and these really held up, no riding up from the top and no falling down from the trousers.

So all in all we are in love with Ava and Luc PJ’s, we shall be adding them to Grayson’s Xmas list to Santa and probably Addison’s too so she can match her big brother, cause even though she looked cute in her PJ’s she wants in on the Ava & Luc action.
Thank you Kara for sharing your gorgeous kids with us :O) You can find Ava & Luc on their website, also on Facebook  and on Twitter – As well as stocking these gorgeous pyjamas they also stock gorgeous little play suits for babies :O)

To get 20% off the Ava & Luc website simply quote ‘mummyloves2011’ at the checkout! It’s free delivery at the moment too! So definitely not to be missed :O)

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