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Posted on October 3, 2014

My Inner Girl’s Picks – 3rd Oct 14

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Shopping/ Wishlist

I have so many lovely picks that I want to share with you today. No particular theme again just things that I would LOVE to own 😉

I love virtual shopping without buying, it gives me *a little bit* of the satisfaction that actually going shopping does but with less damage to my bank account and I love having all these posts in my archives because when someone asks me what I want for my birthday etc I’ll point them in this direction and then they can still surprise me with something that I am going to absolutely LOVE!

Secretly hoping that someone will treat me to the blanket that I featured in last weeks picks 😉


I’m totally in love with this Soot Sprites Espresso Cup and Saucer Set, perfect for this coming Halloween!


I’m desperately in need of a new winter coat and I just love everything about this red wine cashmere coat winter hooded mantle military coat. Boo had a similar one a couple of years ago and I was very jealous of that back then.


These Make One Wish Necklace are so gorgeous! I love everything Dandelion, they have always seemed so magical to me 🙂


I think you all know by now that my favourite colour is turquoise… I need to have this very thin turquoise and tiny silver cube bead convertible necklace.


I used to get some amazing honey waffle soap from Lush Cosmetics when Lero was little and they stopped making it, I was absolutely distraught as the one they make instead is awful, I’ve never thought about looking elsewhere for something similar but I stumbled across this honey beeswax soap and thought I’d give it a try.


No words needed… this mug says it all 😉


I’ll end on this Antique Platinum Art Deco Engagement Ring because a girl’s got to dream 😉

What? No bag this week!!?? OMG what is happening to me… Hang on let me find one…


There that didn’t take too long did it, this yellow leather handbag will make me feel cheerful even on the dullest of days 🙂

If you would like to choose a theme for me for next week then please leave a comment with your chosen theme. If you would like to post your picks as a guest post then please email me and I’ll give you the info you will need :)

Posted on August 27, 2014

My Inner Girl’s Picks – 27th Aug 14

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Shopping/ Wishlist

Back in May when I announced that Finding my Inner Girl would be merging with This Mummy Loves I really did have every intention of continuing my inner girl’s picks each week but life seems to have got in the way a little! I’m here now though starting them up again! I have really missed doing this each week. It is great for discovering lots of lovely new businesses 🙂

My favourite colour at the moment is turquoise so that will be my theme for this week!


I love these turquoise bracelets; these are an absolute bargain at £6.19!


I really need to add this Turquoise & Pink Heart Washi Tape to my collection! So pretty 🙂


I’ve always wanted an anklet, I have never owned one and I think really dainty ones can look beautiful! I love this Natural Turquoise Heart Anklet.


I’m alway looking for a new phone case. Really love this one.


This coin purse is uber cute!


They would be my picks without a gorgeous bag or two…


I love a nice tote bag!

Oh I had forgotten just how much I love doing this! I could go away and buy all of these items right now! Luckily it’s my birthday on the 5th September and him indoors might take a hint 😉

If you would like to choose a theme for me for next week then please leave a comment with your chosen theme. If you would like to post your picks as a guest post then please email me and I’ll give you the info you will need 🙂

Posted on March 6, 2014

My Inner Girls Picks… 6th March 2014

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Wishlist

I’ve been on a proper downer for the last week, nothing major just PMT and having no money so I thought I’d cheer myself up this evening with a bit of virtual ‘window’ shopping. No theme whatsoever just things that I fancy 🙂

So there we go… nothing too extravagant just some nice little bits to cheer me up! I will own them when things start picking up again :O)

What kind of things do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling glum?

Posted on June 19, 2013

[19th June 2013] My Inner Girl’s Picks – Polka Dots

My Inner Girl's Picks.../ Shopping/ Wishlist

This week I’ve had to choose my own theme for my picks as no-one left me one last week so I’ve gone with ‘Polka Dots’ – I love Polka dots, mainly for little girls but I’ve found so many lovely things for me…

I really love this iPhone case! The colours are just gorgeous 🙂

This lunch bag makes me wish I needed a packed lunch everyday 😉

More gorgeous colours…

Would love to be able to wear this swimsuit!

Love the style of this dress, the neck and the buttons to the waist – also love that it’s sheer!

and to finish of course it had to be a handbag 😉

I absolutely love doing my picks each week and love that you continue to keep choosing colours/themes for me – If you’d like to choose a colour/theme for next week then please leave a comment below and now you can join in with your guest picks too… see the bottom of this post for more details xx

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