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Posted on January 7, 2014

#NYNYstyleproject Days 4-7

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I told you in my last post all about the new #NYNYstyleproject I am doing over on Instagram. Just incase you didn’t see here is the prompt sheet that I am following 🙂

Photo 01-01-2014 18 40 32

I am really enjoying doing this so far it makes a lovely change from just snapping the kids all the time.

Here are my days 4-7 🙂

Day 4 - The prompt was eyes... my favourite part of me!

Day 4 – ‘Eyes’  My favourite part of me!

Day 5 - 'Glitter' I added some gold glitter on top of my pink nails.

Day 5 – ‘Glitter’ I added some gold glitter on top of my pink nails.

Day 6 'High' A few of my high heels. I love to wear heels; just wish I went more places to actually wear them ;)

Day 6 ‘High’ A few of my high heels. I love to wear heels; just wish I went more places to actually wear them 😉

Day 7 'Tartan' I don't actually own anything tartan, so I was sat there this morning to to think of something and suddenly noticed Maise's pj's lol

Day 7 ‘Tartan’ I don’t actually own anything tartan, so I was sat there this morning to to think of something and suddenly noticed Maise’s pj’s lol

So that’s it, I have completed my first week of the #NYNYstyleproject and I can’t wait to see what I come up with for the rest of the month!

In other news I lost 2lbs this week… I am thankfully totally back in control of my diet again and much happier because of it! Long may it continue xxx

Posted on December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

General Chit Chat/ Nails/ Weigh In

This week has been lovely, getting all ready for Christmas, I’ve enjoyed getting all my work done and I have finally closed my diary and crossed everything off my to do lists.

Photo 19-12-2013 11 28 23

Gelish Nails

I got my nails done yesterday, not exactly Christmassy but I really love them!

I also lost a pound this week making 5lbs in two weeks so I am very pleased with myself! I feel in a much better place than I have done for a long time and I’m ready to just relax and enjoy Christmas with my family!

So all that is left for me to do is wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Photo 19-12-2013 18 19 19

I hope Father Christmas brings you everything that you wish for but most of all be happy and spend lots of time with your loved ones xx

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year xxxx

Posted on October 1, 2013

Weigh in – Week 16

Health & Fitness/ Weigh In

I didn’t record my weight last week because I maintained and was really disheartened after I had such a good week. I have lost a measly one pound this week and feel pretty low about it. I have been incredibly good, haven’t had any chocolate or alcohol and stuck to 1310 calories each day like My Fitness pal suggests.

I can’t eat any less I really can’t so I’m just going to keep going as I am for a while an see if I lose anymore… It is so disheartening when you try really hard and don’t lose much!

I have to keep telling myself I am doing incredible and am still over a stone lighter!!

Weight loss this week – 1lb
Total weight loss – 1 stone and 1lb

I’m away this weekend celebrating my other half’s 40th birthday, so there will be lots of champagne and eating out so next week I’ll be expecting a gain but it is going to be so worth it!

Aside from only losing a pound this week I feel really good about myself and that is what really matters, isn’t it!

Posted on September 17, 2013

Weigh in – Week 14

Health & Fitness/ Weigh In

I’m super excited to have lost 3lbs this week, the 3lbs I put on whilst I took my 3 week holiday! Phew!

I dumped Weight Watchers; as the eating plan just doesn’t fit around my lifestyle, I end up eating different to everyone else in the house and it’s not good for family meals etc so I switched to counting calories through My Fitness Pal and I love it! I have had so much more variety of food and best of all it is FREE!

I’m not paying anyone to lose this weight… I’ve paid good money to put it on so it’s up to me and only me to sort it out!

My head is in a really good place! I can do this and I will do this!

Total weight lost – 1 stone!!!! Yay! 

Posted on September 10, 2013

Weigh in – Week 13

Health & Fitness/ Weigh In

Well I was only supposed to go on holiday for a week and I was ON HOLIDAY for just a week but it appears it turned into a three week holiday from my diet! I just haven’t been able to get back into it at all! It was my birthday last week so I was using that excuse to treat myself! I did have a lovely holiday and it was nice to have some really nice food while we were in France and then lots more lovely food when we got back home 😉

I didn’t dare weigh myself as I thought I had put on about half a stone because I have been SO naughty!

Anyway today I have given myself a good talking to and this is where I get back on track! I have put on 3 lbs since my last weigh in three weeks ago which to be honest I am really quite pleased with as I thought it was a lot more!

What I need to focus on is the fact that I am still 11lbs lighter than I was earlier this year and I have stopped smoking so I am far healthier than I was! I had a bike for my birthday too so I’m planning on doing lots of cycling!

Think positive Sonia!!! Think Positive!! 😉

Posted on August 20, 2013

Weigh in – Week 10

Health & Fitness/ Weigh In

I’ve had a quick sneaky weigh in this morning before we set off to the airport. I’ve been so good this week, tried incredibly hard and turned down lots of nice food and drink in the hope that I’d get to my first stone lost before I go.

All I needed was half a pound and that is exactly what I lost – half a pound.

Making my total loss ONE STONE!

Now I’m off to enjoy my holiday…
Smoke free and a stone lighter 🙂

Posted on August 13, 2013

Weigh in – Week 9

Health & Fitness/ Weigh In

This week I have been so so good! Except for Sunday which was Maxwell’s birthday party and I of course had to join in with the celebrations by eating nice food and drinking Pimms and pink fizz 😉 I didn’t go mad and I had saved all my weekly points for this but I just wanted to enjoy myself and not worry too much!

I still managed to lose a pound this week so I am really pleased. That means I am still half a pound off losing my first stone! I have a week left before I go on my hols so I’m sure if I am good I will be able to do it!

There will be no update next week as we fly early morning, so my next weigh in will more than likely be a gain as I will be having a week off to go on holiday! I don’t want the stress and strain of calorie counting on holiday!! I feel so much better about myself and I know that as soon as I get back I’ll just get straight back on the plan and will lose whatever I put on!

I just have to keep things in perspective because things could have been much different if I hadn’t started weight watchers when I stopped smoking three months ago and then I would have weighed a LOT more than I do now! So all is good :O)

Weight lost to date –  13.5lbs 

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