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Posted on May 17, 2011

Mummy Loves Original Stitch

travelling with kids

I came across Catherine from Original Stitch on Twitter recently and as I was asking for people with products for travelling with kids she pointed me in the direction of her backpacks and pen totes! After having a look round her site I decided that I simply must feature them here as I just love them! Totally gorgeous and original!

The backpacks and pen totes are unique, high-quality, hand-made design made by stitchers in Britain with upcycled materials.

Just the job for carrying anything your kids might need 
Recycled fabric backpacks
Measures approximately 30 x 38cm (12 x15in)
Always lined with light-coloured fabric so you can easily see what’s inside
Fully lined, and robustly stitched to withstand kids’ treatment!

Pen Totes

Measures approximately 18 x 18cm (7 x 7in)
With integral pocket for an A5 size colouring book or drawing pad
12 individual pen pockets round the outsides
Carry handle
Tuck-in flaps which fold over to keep pens safe
Fully washable, and robustly stitched
Sturdily padded – won’t be floppy, even without pens in


I think these are both adorable and perfect for when you go on holiday! Catherine from original stitch has kindly given a 10% discount code “Loving It” to use on Original Stitch! Enjoy :O)

Posted on May 12, 2011

Car Journeys with Children

Guest post/ travelling with kids

@PinkOddy is on the blog this morning with some tips for you on taking long car journeys with children. Thanks for sharing hun x

To some an eleven hour car journey to France with four children might not seem very appealing but to me it has a lot more appeal than trying to get them all on and off a plane, as I can stuff my car with everything I need for them.

The key, I believe, is organisation.  I love lists and children can help feel involved by planning with you – and it is rewarding to tick things off.

To make the journey as stress-free as possible plan as much as you can. Whether that be the route, change for toll roads, plenty of fuel, breakdown cover, spare nappies and clothes at hand, toilet breaks, what is expected when you arrive (especially if you are going to another country who have different driving laws), how long the journey might take (for all those “are we nearly there yet” moments), tissues and a first aid kit (well stocked with plasters and calpol). Think about where in the vehicle things are, try to give your children as much space as possible but keeping things you may need quickly within easy reach.

Think about what kind of traveller your child/ren is/are. Will they happily just stay in the car for a long time or do you need to break the journey up (maybe stop off at a hotel or a play area mid route). We do the bulk of the travelling during the night time as there is less traffic on the roads (don’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam when toddler declares he needs an urgent wee) and more likely that the children will sleep part of the journey (and hopefully making them feel like they arrived quicker).

Next  you need something to keep them occupied whilst they are awake – be that the latest handheld 3D ds, their favourite cuddly Woody toy, portable dvd players, books and food – lots and lots of snacks are essential (and drinks) as trying to find them on the journey (especially if you are travelling at night) may prove difficult at that time when the children suddenly decide they “need” them and a lot more costly.

And lastly, it is your holiday too so don’t forget plenty of flasks of coffee to keep you going and maybe a good book for when it’s not your turn to drive :O)

Posted on May 11, 2011

Flying With A Baby by Clare

Guest post/ travelling with kids
This post is written by the lovely Clare of Baby Abroad! For those of you flying with a baby this year; here are some really helpful tips for you! Thank you Clare x
Photo courtesy of jyri via
Flying with a baby.
1.    Booking a flight for your baby:  Airlines classify an infant as any child under the age of 2.  Infants can travel on your lap and you’ll be provided with a lap belt to put around your baby and attach to your own.  You can take a 5 point harness car seat on board, but if you do, you’ll have to buy an extra seat and your baby will still have to sit on your lap for takeoff and landing. 

If you’re flying long haul make sure you book a bassinet for the baby to sleep in.  You’ll then usually be given the bulk head seats that have space for the bassinet.  It’s best to book this with your airline asap to ensure availability. 

2.    Packing for the flight with your baby: Think about your normal daily routine to list out what you need and add a few spares.  As a start consider nappies, nappy sacks, wipes, muslin’s, spare clothes (including a spare top for you, just in case), dummies including a sterilised spare, made up bottles to add milk powder to, premeasured powder and baby food, spoons and bibs if baby weaning/weaned (see baby milk and food rules in 5 below) or spare breast pads for breastfeeding mothers. Depending on the age of your baby, pack soft books, non musical toys and teethers. I tend to take trusted favourites that you know hold their attention for a while.

3.    Baby baggage in the hold: If you need a car seat when you get there, you can take your own. Most airlines allow you to take them for free for children under 5.  You generally have to check them in first, then take them to the large baggage desk and after the flight collect them at your destination from the baggage carousel.  Taking your own is more reassuring if you’re hiring a car on holiday and saves on the hire costs too.  Some airlines will take travel cots in the hold, but most charge and some stipulate that you have to include the cot within your weight allowance.

4.    Baby baggage in the cabin:  Some airlines, particularly for long haul flights, allow infants separate baggage, but many do not.  You are likely to have to carry your infant’s things in your own baggage.  Check with your airline beforehand.

5.    Rules on taking baby milk and food on an aeroplane:  The rules on liquids are different for baby milks and foods.  You are allowed to take sufficient for the duration of your time at the airport and on the flight, and I feel it would be reasonable to allow enough for delays too.  The 100ml limit does not apply to baby milk.  Going through security control, you are highly like to have to taste one or more of the bottles or food jars (so do take food you like the taste of!).  Alternatively, Boots sell ready milks and jars in some airports, but you should check opening times of course before hand and on your return journey this option may not be available.  You can find more on the security restrictions on  Note, if you take ready milks with you through security you may have to open and taste them, but this doesn’t apply to milk bought the other side of security in the airport lounge.

6.    Buggies in the airport:  You’ll generally be able to take the buggy right up to the aeroplane, where you’ll then leave it by the door or at the foot of the stairs.  Your buggy will be put in the hold and you won’t get it back until the baggage carousel.  This means walking from the aeroplane through passport control to wait for your baggage while carrying your baby.  A sling or carrier for a baby is invaluable for this time.  If you prefer to use a carrier for the whole time in the airport, you can check your stroller in with your luggage.

7.     Babies ears on takeoff and landing:  Some suggest timing feeds or using a dummy for takeoff and landing as the sucking sensation could alleviate any ear discomfort.  Many babies don’t suffer any problems and my own have often slept through take off.

8.    And finally: I know it’s hard to do, but if your baby is crying on the flight, avoid the glances of other parents, don’t keep apologising, just try and relax.  If you’re stressing, it’ll make things worse for you.  Concentrate on your little one and think about how you’re going to enjoy yourself when you finally get there!

This article was written by Clare Sparks of BabyAbroad ( the baby travel website.  Head on over to the BabyAbroad site for more information on flying with a baby and other helpful baby and child travel information.

Posted on May 5, 2011

Travelling With Kids

travelling with kids

To kick of our new topic for May “Travelling With Kids” I asked Twitter

What are your “must have items” when travelling with kids?”
Here are some of the responses I got –
@bambinobeads after this week, my iPhone!!!
@Suburbanmummyuk medicine, nappies,suncream, many spare clothes!! & food!
@ChicUniqueUK baby wipes, don’t leave the house without a pack
@13loki Trunki is awesome for travelling with kids, and a sling or wrap rather than a stroller. 2 essentials for airports.
@MellyBentley In car DVD Player and Peppa Pig DVD. Not proud of it but it’s the difference between and hour of screaming and peace
@JoEdwardsJones food!!!! :o)
@TheRealSupermum ear plugs ha
@innocentcharmer baby wipes.
@yummymummy1977 baby wipes!!!
@Jess1984 plenty of little things to do! Maybe even wrap some up so that they think they are presents? Get 1thing out at a time!
@ibakewithout baby wipes, cookies (for dire moments when bribary is needed) …
I totally agree with all of the above! My number 1 item would definately be baby wipes! I never leave home without a packet!

What are your must have items when travelling with kids?

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