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Posted on October 24, 2012

Melissa & Doug Bead Set Review from Toys R Us

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Boo absolutely loves making her own jewellery so was thrilled when the Melissa & Doug Bead Set was in our Toys R Us Toyologist box a few weeks ago!  The set comes in a very sturdy painted wooden container with clear plastic (perspex maybe) lid with different sections to keep your beads, strings and jewellery  in.

The set contains 5 cords and over 150 lovely, colourful beads for you to create your own pretty necklaces, bracelets or anklets. The beads are easy to thread thanks to the plastic ends on each cord. Boo has had lots of fun making necklaces! This set is a really big hit in our house and we would definitely recommend it to you if you have a little girl or boy that loves making jewellery 🙂

Boo’s pretty necklace 🙂

Get creative and design and make your own colourful wooden jewellery with this gorgeous set! Comes in a handy wooden jewellery box case and includes over 150 beads, and cords!

Boo wearing her necklace made using this set :O)

The Melissa & Doug Bead Set is available from Toys R Us for £12.99 – we love it and think you will too! :O)


Posted on October 22, 2012

Moxie Girlz Horse Riding Club Cricket Doll and Horse Review

Review/ Toy Review/ Toyologist/ Toysrus

Boo was sent the Moxie Girlz Horse Riding Club Cricket Doll and Horse in our Toys R Us toyologist box a few weeks back &  she’s been having such a lot of  fun playing with her! She is totally amazed that the horse can walk and I have to say it has been the most played with toy when her friends come round! I remember having a toy horse similar for Sindy when I was a little girl and would have loved for it to walk and neigh 😉 This is going to be a HUGE hit this Christmas with any little girl that loves dolls and horses! Both the doll and the horse have lovely long hair that can be brushed and styled!

What is included –

  • 1 Moxie Girlz Horse Riding Club Doll (We got Sophina but others are available)
  • A Hat – This is just made from really cheap plastic – I would like it to have been a hard hat as if anyone stands on this it will break!
  • A Pair of riding boots
  • 1 Moxie Girls Horse Riding Club Horse (we got Cricket) with Saddle and Bridle
  • A plastic doll holder to keep the doll on the horse
  • A plastic hairbrush

Watch our little video below to see how this product works for yourself 🙂

The horse requires 4 AA batteries which aren’t included – it is priced at £34.99 on the Toys R Us website – which I think is well worth the money; especially if your little girl is a horse lover, she will be amazed that the horse walks just as my Boo is. Be aware that the horse will fall over if walking on uneven surfaces especially a carpet!


Posted on October 15, 2012

Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient Doll Review

Review/ Toy Review/ Toyologist/ Toysrus

Boo has been smitten with Lalaloopsy after seeing adverts on TV, the songs are just so catchy and they make the characters look very appealing to small children. So when  Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient Doll ‘Stumbles Bumps & Bruises’ arrived in her Toyologist box she could not have been happier!

Stumples Bumps and Bruises is an adorable doll with a huge head and blue hair; she is the little sister of Rosy Bumps & Bruises. Stumbles was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her very last stitch was sewn. She’s a perfect patient who always takes her medicine, loves to wear bandages and is sure she is coming down with the sillies 🙂 Boo & Bugs both adore this doll and their favourite part is the stethoscope that comes with the set, it makes lots of silly noises like frog sounds, clock ticking, bells ringing etc Not what you’d expect to hear from someone’s heartbeat obviously but makes it so much fun 😉

Stumbles comes with her own teddy bear that you can bandage up to make better; his arms and legs pull off so that you can put him back together again in one piece and he comes with a bandage for his head and a bandaged ear too! It also comes with a magic milk cup; the milk disappears when it is being drunk, my kids find this totally amazing… and I remember having something similar as a child and was always blown away by it 😉

We love this and it is going to be played with for many more hours. Both my kids love it; to be honest I think Boo at almost 6 will have outgrown it in the not too distant future so it will be little Bugs who gets most fun out of it and that is just fine with me 😉

Contents –

  • Stumbles
  • Bear
  • Stethoscope
  • Milk bottle
  • Medicine bottle
  • Bandage

Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient Doll is suitable for 4 years plus and is available at Toys R Us for £29.99


Posted on October 11, 2012

Tatty Teddy Baking Set Review

Review/ Toy Review/ Toyologist/ Toysrus

As part of the Toyologist programme we’ve been sent the Tatty Teddy Baking Set to review; I’ve always been a bit of a  Tatty Teddy fan but have to be totally honest and say I’m not really impressed with this item – it’s cute and I am sure  little ones who loves to pretend to bake and loves Tatty Teddy will think it’s great!

Tatty Teddy Baking Set

Boo at almost six is way past ‘pretend baking’ and loves to get stuck in with the real thing! Even if she did have a thing for pretend baking then I am almost sure that there are far better products on the market! This is not something I would buy or recommend for someone of her age. It is recommended from 3 years plus; I am sure a 3 year old would love it. It is rather handy how all the little bits and bobs can be stored inside too! See for yourself in this little video I made…

The Tatty Teddy Baking Set is available for £19.99 at Toys R Us


Posted on October 8, 2012

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case Review

Review/ Toy Review/ Toyologist/ Toysrus

Our Toyologist toybox number 2 arrived recently and we were very pleased to see more Hello Kitty; this time in the form of a very cute cosmetic case which any little girlie girl is going to absolutely love!

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case

The gorgeous cosmetic case is made from pink plastic and opens up to make a little vanity area complete with mirror and lights! Inside there is everything from toe separators to body glitters!

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case

See for yourself how fab it is by watching my little video…

The Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case is available from Toys R Us – currently only £19.99


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