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Posted on May 6, 2014

A New Way of Living…

General Chit Chat/ Health & Fitness/ Nails/ Paleo

So the last you heard of me I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do for me, to give me a bit of time! Well I can say I actually managed to do a few of those things on my list…

  1. Paint my nails
  2. Get my legs waxed
  3. Finish reading The Husband’s Secret
  4. Get outside everyday
  5. Start reading up on the Paleo diet
  6. Listen to more music
  7. Declutter my bedroom
  8. Chuck out old clothes
  9. Buy a new outfit
  10. Meet up with a friend

I didn’t manage to get my legs waxed! Ha ha you should see them! I really must make that appointment TODAY!!

I painted my nails… I love doing my nails and I love the Sensationail kit that I use! This colour is called Bombshell Beauty and is just lovely!

Photo 02-05-2014 13 38 32

The most life changing thing I did on my list was to read up on the Paleo diet. I read and read and read and I came to the conclusion that this really sounded like it was for me. So as of last Monday I started on the Paleo diet, not dieting, not watching the calories just 100% Paleo and I just love it!

The first 3-4 days I felt dreadful, I felt like I was walking round in a fog and I couldn’t remember anything, then on day 4 I walked out of it and my head has never been clearer! I’ve felt like that ever since and I just cannot believe the change in me! My energy level are through the roof and I feel amazing! Oh and 4lbs off in my first week was a little extra bonus too 😉

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Ruth at Let Her Eat Clean at this point because she was the person that introduced me to Paleo and following her eating clean journey is just so inspiring! More recently Jane from Northern Mum has blown me away with her progress since beginning the Paleo diet. So thank you ladies for giving me the push to do this!

I feel amazing, happy and cannot wait to continue on this Paleo journey 🙂

Posted on January 7, 2014

#NYNYstyleproject Days 4-7

General Chit Chat/ Nails/ nynystyleproject/ Weigh In

I told you in my last post all about the new #NYNYstyleproject I am doing over on Instagram. Just incase you didn’t see here is the prompt sheet that I am following 🙂

Photo 01-01-2014 18 40 32

I am really enjoying doing this so far it makes a lovely change from just snapping the kids all the time.

Here are my days 4-7 🙂

Day 4 - The prompt was eyes... my favourite part of me!

Day 4 – ‘Eyes’  My favourite part of me!

Day 5 - 'Glitter' I added some gold glitter on top of my pink nails.

Day 5 – ‘Glitter’ I added some gold glitter on top of my pink nails.

Day 6 'High' A few of my high heels. I love to wear heels; just wish I went more places to actually wear them ;)

Day 6 ‘High’ A few of my high heels. I love to wear heels; just wish I went more places to actually wear them 😉

Day 7 'Tartan' I don't actually own anything tartan, so I was sat there this morning to to think of something and suddenly noticed Maise's pj's lol

Day 7 ‘Tartan’ I don’t actually own anything tartan, so I was sat there this morning to to think of something and suddenly noticed Maise’s pj’s lol

So that’s it, I have completed my first week of the #NYNYstyleproject and I can’t wait to see what I come up with for the rest of the month!

In other news I lost 2lbs this week… I am thankfully totally back in control of my diet again and much happier because of it! Long may it continue xxx

Posted on December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!

General Chit Chat/ Nails/ Weigh In

This week has been lovely, getting all ready for Christmas, I’ve enjoyed getting all my work done and I have finally closed my diary and crossed everything off my to do lists.

Photo 19-12-2013 11 28 23

Gelish Nails

I got my nails done yesterday, not exactly Christmassy but I really love them!

I also lost a pound this week making 5lbs in two weeks so I am very pleased with myself! I feel in a much better place than I have done for a long time and I’m ready to just relax and enjoy Christmas with my family!

So all that is left for me to do is wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Photo 19-12-2013 18 19 19

I hope Father Christmas brings you everything that you wish for but most of all be happy and spend lots of time with your loved ones xx

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year xxxx

Posted on October 9, 2013

Gel Nails… Which is the best?

Beauty/ Nails

Ok those of you who are regular readers will know that I get my nails done at a Salon every three weeks; I have Gelish nails and I love them!

Photo 22-03-2013 14 37 45

Being the penny pincher that I am; I am really wanting to get myself a kit so I can do them at home! But I am confused and would really like your opinions on what to buy! I would just go for Gelish straight off but it is expensive… so I need to know what is as good as Gelish, if not better?

Photo 01-03-2013 10 50 01

What kit should I buy or avoid? Would you recommend me doing them at home or am I just better off staying with my nail technician?

Posted on February 19, 2013

Quick Update

General Chit Chat/ Nails

I’m useless as this blogging lark at the moment. I’m suffering so badly with my confidence  and I can feel myself sinker deeper and deeper! I’m trying so hard to find my voice but it’s just not happening!

Anyway I’m here; still doing the 5:2 diet and the 30 day shred… I’ve lost 8.5lbs in total – slower than I’d like but at least I’m not piling weight on; I would be if I wasn’t following these!

My Hollywood Toes

I found myself a new nail technician last week and went and had Hollywood Toes… I love them! Going back next week to have my nails done, my new nail technician is full of fab ideas and she shares my love for gorgeous nails so I  can’t wait to go back next week!

I know a lot of people aren’t that keen on feet so I apologise for that 😉

I reviewed a gorgeous dress on This Mummy Loves this week – I thought I’d show you the piccies here too as I quite like them 😉

Right I’m off to bed now as my eldest son is coming home for a few days tomorrow… I’ll me back with My Inner Girl’s Picks tomorrow xxx

Posted on January 29, 2013

Valentines Nails!

Beauty/ Nails/ Valentines

I’m having my nails done on Thursday so I’ve just been having a look round Pinterest for some ideas! I love all of these!

Valentines Nails! 
No idea which I will go for you but it has given me some to think about at least! I especially love 1,3 & 8! I think I’ll see what my nail technician thinks, I was going to go for a french manicure this time after having blue nails for three weeks! Maybe I’ll still do that and have some hearts on top… decisions decisions!!! I’ll post a pic on Thursday so you can see what I decided on 😉

I was over the moon last year to be a MAD blog award finalist and would really love to be there again this year! This blog qualifies for Best New Blog if you think it might qualify 😉 I would be eternally grateful of course 🙂

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