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Posted on October 17, 2013

7 Days of Selfies…

General Chit Chat/ meme

For the last week I have been taking part in 7 Days of Selfies which was put together by Lindy over at Squidgyboo. Basically the plan was to take a selfie (self-portrait) a day for 7 days! I’m not stranger to the selfie, in 2008 I completed a whole year in self portraits… I got so fed up with seeing myself that I swore I’d never do another selfie challenge again… Anyway Lindy didn’t really take no for an answer so here are my photos from the last week!

Photo 11-10-2013 20 03 48

Day 1 – Cheers! A very much deserved glass of pinot 😉

Photo 12-10-2013 10 34 02

Day 2 – Saturday morning is always swimming lessons… I hate it mostly!

Photo 13-10-2013 13 58 16

Day 3 – Taking Maisie to a party.

Photo 14-10-2013 16 31 58

Day 4 – Kisses for my little cutie.

Photo 15-10-2013 14 46 18

Day 5 – I was just about to take my #7selfies photo and Maxwell saw me posing, ran over an said “take a picture” and pulled his cheese face. Little poser 😉

Day 6 - A trip to Costa just for me!

Day 6 – A trip to Costa just for me!

Photo 17-10-2013 15 11 06

Day 7 – Got my nails done :O)

So that’s it… I actually really enjoyed taking part and will probably join in again very soon! Thanks Lindy for giving me the push I needed 😉

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