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Posted on March 2, 2018

#LittleLoves – Wonder, Miranda and World Book Day


Hi everyone! Happy Friday. We have a snow day today so we have had a lie in and are currently just lounging around in our pyjamas. I love days like these. No responsibilities whatsoever. We will be heading out to play in the snow soon but I am dreading it as the wind is really howling, I imagine it is so cold out there. Bugs cried all the way home from school yesterday as we were walking into the wind so I’m not sure if he is going to cope with being outdoors for long. Oh well we have hot chocolate, marshmallows and blankets so I think we will snuggle down for a film this afternoon 🙂
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Posted on February 9, 2018

#LittleLoves – Sweet Little Lies, Episodes and Spa Days


I’ve managed to refocus myself this week, I’d been wallowing during January, suffering with my mood, the cold and just being plain miserable but I am happy to say that this week I have resurfaced and am now getting back on track. I’ve made myself a work/home life organiser so I actually have time slots for work now and days when I am to do chores etc so hopefully I will be more organised from now on. I’ve just got to start getting out running again!!  Read more

Posted on January 19, 2018

#LittleLoves – Small Great Things, Friends and Crochet


I love the #LittleLoves linky and really do not join in enough. I started last year and promised myself I would do it more but I think I only managed to join in twice for the whole of 2017! I am a such a terrible blogger! So this year I am going to aim to at least beat that… I’d love to say I’ll join in every week but as I said I am a terrible blogger. 😉 Read more

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