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Posted on December 19, 2016

Instagram Weekly 12th-18th Dec

Instagram Weekly

Ahhhhh I am feeling a bit stressed today, the kids have got one day left at school and I have so much to do! I’m sure I will manage to get it all sorted and what doesn’t get done won’t be the end of the world but I wish I didn’t feel so out of control right now. So there are only 6 sleeps left until Christmas Day and in truth we are all feeling very excited… I can’t wait until the kids break up tomorrow, they are really ready for a break from school and I’m ready not to have to rush around like an idiot every morning 😉 Read more

Posted on December 5, 2016

Instagram Weekly 28th Nov-4th Dec

Instagram Weekly

Good morning everyone! Happy December! Ugh!! We’ve welcomed December in with two poorly children. I’ve kept them both off school today but they are both feeling much better and are currently catching up with some homework so hopefully they will both be back at school tomorrow. Despite the illness in the household we did manage to put our Christmas tree up yesterday so I am feeling very Christmassy now, I don’t usually like to put it up so early but I thought to myself “why the hell not?” It always makes me happy seeing the tree everyday so if it brings us all a little joy throughout the month then everyone who is moaning about people putting there trees up early can ‘do one’ as far as I’m concerned 😉 Read more

Pizza Express Family photo
Posted on November 28, 2016

Instagram Weekly 21st-27th Nov

Instagram Weekly

I’m a bit late with my Instagram Weekly today as I’ve been helping at Bugs’ school this morning, we took them for a Christmas experience at the local church, it was really lovely and they were all incredibly well behaved. I’ve got so much to do now in the run up to Christmas that I am starting to panic a little… I’ve banned all daytime Netflix watching until I am on top of things; thankfully I managed to finish the new Gilmore Girls episodes off last night! I can’t believe it’s all over!!! I need more!!!!

Read more

Posted on November 21, 2016

Instagram Weekly 14th-20th Nov

Instagram Weekly

It’s my favourite time of the week again where I look back at our Instagram account from the last week and choose my favourite snaps to share with you here. It’s been another pretty quiet week here as we are trying to get our home prepared for Christmas and to put on the market as we are thinking of moving to a more suitable house in a similar area to where we live now. It’s all very exciting but I just keep thinking back to 10 years ago when I swore I would never move again! I think if we do move again we will employ the help of a removal company as last time we did it we did it on our own and it was sheer hell.

Anyway here are my favourite Instagram snaps from the last week… Read more

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