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Posted on February 3, 2014

Merci Maman Intertwined Necklace Review

Guest review/ Review/ Yummy Mummy

Hi, it’s Dawnie here from Knees Up Mother Brown popping over for a guest review for my lovely sister 🙂

I’ve always wanted a nice personalised necklace so when Sonia asked me if I’d like to review an intertwined necklace from Merci Maman for her I was more than happy to oblige 🙂

This glamorous simple intertwined chain necklace is the perfect symbol of a lasting relationship.

Locked together in an elegant intertwined motif, each circle has space for your own special message, transforming an already elegant necklace into something incredibly personal too. Each necklace is inscribed by hand just for your order, so your gift will be charmingly unique, just like your bond with its recipient!”

All I had to do was decide what I would like engraving on my necklace (25 characters on the large circle and 15 on the small one) and then wait. I decided I would like the large circle to represent myself and my husband, so I got our names and the date of our wedding engraved on that one. The smaller circle I wanted to represent our children and so their names were engraved on that.


The necklace arrived, beautifully packaged and as soon as I opened it, I was in love 🙂 It is hard to tell from my photo but the necklace I received is sterling silver but you can also opt to have it in gold plated. The engraving has been done in a beautiful script and is really clear and easy to read.

I absolutely love my necklace, but I believe the photograph speaks for itself. It really is a one off and truly personal piece of jewellery which holds a special meaning to me. The intertwined necklaces sell for £79 which I think is a pretty good price!

I think my husband is now a little jealous that he hasn’t got anything personalised so I’ve been checking out their other personalised jewellery for his next birthday present 🙂

If you’d like a change to win one for yourself then go and enter the competition that Sonia is currently hosting here >>> Win A Personalised Intertwined Necklace.

Posted on January 25, 2013

Snow Queen Lottie Doll – Guest Review

Guest review/ Review

Hi, it’s Dawnie Brown here, Sonia’s sister from over at Knees Up Mother Brown. I’m popping over here today with a guest review of the Snow Queen Lottie doll we received just before Christmas.

MissB has just turned 3 now and she is at the stage where she loves dolls and anything vaguely princessy so I chose Snow Queen Lottie to review as I just knew MissB would love her. I was proved right and Lottie has been played with pretty much constantly since she arrived.


“Meet Lottie… She’s super cute and great fun to play with. Her hair is soft and storable and her clothes have lots of quirky details. More than that, Lottie is a positive take on childhood – no scanty clothes, makeup, jewellery, tattoos or high heels; this is a girl doll intended for girls.

Unlike other fashion dolls, her body is properly ‘childlike’ and based upon dimensions by leading British academics. Her reusable packaging is also a refreshing alternative to the usual neon, bubblegum pink. “Be bold, be brave, be you!” is Lottie’s motto.”


Below is a little video review I have done about Lottie 🙂

Lottie dolls can be bought through the website and sell for £16.99 which I admit is a little more than I’d be prepared to pay for a doll but as far as MissB is concerned, she is a great doll and if you are paying for the hours of happiness and playing then maybe it’s not too expensive after all 🙂

Posted on August 24, 2012

Vertbaudet Sleepsuits Review

Guest review

Hello All, it’s Kara from Innocent Charms Chats here giving our review for the gorgeous This Mummy Loves of a Pack of 2 Baby Sleep-suits from Vertbaudet.

For over 40 years Vertbaudet have been a favourite with parents in France, then launching in the UK in 1997 they are soon becoming a British fave too. I have shopped with Vertbaudet several times in the past 5 years, firstly for myself and then they were fantastic for baby boy clothes when I had Grayson. They were excellent as at the time very few UK stores offered tiny baby clothes, Grayson being under 6lb for the first 3 months of life Vertbaudet saved the day.

Anti Slip Soles

I was over the moon when we were asked to review a set of Sleep-suits for Addison. Addy is quite on the small size, but I know from past experience that Vertbaudet’s clothes can tend to come up small so we went for the 18m option. Around the middle size wise these are similar to 12-18mth British clothes, but with a longer leg length, so great for the taller babies like Grayson. Addy on the other hand is a tiddler so these did come up a little long on the legs but this hasn’t hindered her doing her usual gymnastics.

Made of Velvet these sleep-suits at less than £14 for a set of 2 are good value for money and on a cold English evening I would not worry about Addison being chilly, especially when she kicks the blankets off.

Gorgeous Addison modelling her new sleepsuit 🙂

Great Quality
Machine Washable and Wash Up Lovely
From 12m Anti Slip Feet to Stop Little Walkers Slipping
Nice Soft Material Inside and Out

On the Website they say that they have press studs at the back and in the legs, unfortunately these sleep-suits only has press studs in the rear, this is a little of a pain when changing a nappy, it’s not so bad with a baby of Addison’s age (15m) but with Newborns I feel this could be quite disturbing during the night as you would need to lay them on their front, no fun if they have just had their milk.

Awkwardly placed poppers

All in all we were pleased with the Sleep-suits, especially for older babies, the colours are perfect for Baby Boys and Girls, so I think once Addison has outgrown these we can keep them for Baby Number 3, as we all know the English Winter Nights warrant nice soft, cozy, warm Jammies.

Posted on July 16, 2012

BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 – Lero’s Review

Guest review/ Review

Lero and I have been playing with the new BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 for the last month or so and we are going to tell you about what we love and what we don’t about it! We were both sent one to review so that we could give a parents and teenagers perspective on it! This is what Lero aged 15 thinks of it…

In my opinion the BlackBerry is a decent phone with it’s fair share of good and bad points. The app store on the BlackBerry is very useful and very easy to use,  and is filled with some really good apps. My personal favourite is the “Advance OS and LED”  app. It allows you to be able to add specific coloured LED lights to your contacts so you know who has either text or called you just by looking at the colour of the light ( if you can remember which contact you assigned the colour too) It is quite fun to use.

I really like the design of the phone and find it easy to use but there are a lot of menu’s so it can get a bit complicated; a lot of the things are unnecessary and I will never use. A lot of my friends have BlackBerry so it’s great to be able to go on BBM and not have to worry about it using up text messages. The ear phones it comes with aren’t really the comfiest  but other ear phones can be used so it’s not a big problem.

For Internet use the BlackBerry is brilliant; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all work brilliantly, a lot better than on any other phone I have used those apps for. Also Internet explore is very easy to use and unlike other phones I have used you don’t have to wait a life time for it to load.

The camera on the BlackBerry is disappointing for many reasons, for one you have no option to focus the camera therefore the picture quality is very low and pictures often turn out blurred (unless you have a very steady hand). Many other phones have better quality cameras. On the other hand once you have taken a picture there are many things you can then do with it, for example you can then assign the picture you have just taken to a certain contact and then the picture shall appear when that contact is calling you. Or you could easily post the picture on Twitter or Facebook with a press of a button or there are quite a lot of apps that you can download to edit your photos.

The ” BlackBerry” button or the button for all things I think it should be called is also a very useful part of the phone, instead of having to remember a lot of different “option buttons, this button has all of the options, just press it and a list of about ten options opens for you to take your pick from.

Overall I think the BlackBerry is a decent phone,  To improve the phone the game graphics could be improved because they’re very poor, also there is no need for the masses of options;  I’m sure a few of them could be removed. For calls, text messages, surfing the web, organisation the BlackBerry® Curve™ 9320 is brilliant; my absolute favorite thing is BBM! A brilliant instant messaging service that I don’t think I could live without now! I think the camera could be better quality but for the price I think it is a great phone 🙂

Posted on May 29, 2012

Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue Review from Inspiration Works

Guest review/ Review/ Toddlers

Hi, it’s Dawnie Brown here again and putting on my guest reviewer hat! Don’t forget you can also find me over at my own blog Knees Up Mother Brown (cheeky plug there but I don’t think my sister will notice 😉 )

We’ve recently been sent a Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue toy for MissB to review. We love reviewing toys and with MissB now starting to get to grip with letters, I thought this would be a great product for her current age 🙂 Especially as she currently loves fire engines!


Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue teaches children letters, phonics and numbers. It has 5 game modes to choose from it features sound effects, music and character voices.

I’m currently trying to get to grips with phonics, it’s all changed since I was at school and we just learnt the alphabet and so any toy which helps me to teach phonics to MissB is a bonus. As well as a straight forward press the letter and it tells you what it is, there is also a search game. This is good although some of the words are a bit beyond MissB at the moment, for instant Venus? There are also games that help to develop spelling and that teach you what letters come before and after each other in the alphabet. There is also a game which is just music which MasterB loves when he can actually prise the fire engine out of MissB’s grasp 😉


With toys like this I think it’s better to do a quick video to show you more about what it sounds like and what it does, so I’ve done one for you below 🙂

So what do we think of the toy? Well MissB and MasterB enjoy playing with it, which is always the first test. From a parents point of view I love the games and that it helps me to teach phonics to MissB though I do find the noise gets a little annoying after a while 🙂

You can buy the Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue in various toyshops, I found it selling on Amazon for just under £17 which is not a bad price for the hours of entertainment it provides 🙂

Posted on April 13, 2012

Guest Review – MaByland Trek Snuggle Carrier

Guest review

Hi Everyone; It’s Kara from Innocent Charms Chats, doing a guest review for the lovely Sonia. I was lucky enough to be sent MaByLand Trek Snuggle Carrier to review and test with my little Addison.

MaByLand, was set up by Sheena when she was pregnant with her 1st child, she since has 2 little ones 18 mths apart and sells a variety of baby goods, including Baby Carriers/Changing Bags/Baby Towels and Much More.

We had tried Baby Wearing with Addison when she was much smaller and she did seem to enjoy it, since getting older she has become increasingly nosey and wants to see the outside world which she can just not do so well always in a pushchair so I was over the moon when I got sent the Baby Carrier.

A little info about the Carrier –
“Similar in design to the Award Winning Trek Carrier, we wanted to keep the aspects of the carrier that parents’ LOVE, and instead “polish” the existing design.  The Snuggle Carrier is still as lightweight, easy to put on and comfortable as ever to wear. It also features the same high headrest that offers full neck and head support, as well as being well padded throughout for baby’s comfort and safety.

The Trek Snuggle Carrier is also a front facing, two position carrier, the main difference being that it features a large front pocket that holds a super soft terry cotton blanket inside. The blanket can be easily attached to the outside of the carrier and used to snuggle baby up, leaving them less exposed.”

I must say it was the fact that it came with a blanket that straight away sold it to me, now Addison is on the top end of the weight scale so I was unsure how well the carrier would work for us, but I am pleased to say we used it for over 2 hrs around The Baby Show last week and she was happy as larry. I did not experience much back pain at all and found it so much nicer than to just carry her which is what I normally end up doing. She seemed comfortable in the carrier, she could kick and jump around but safely. I struggled a little getting her in on my own and had to have hubby’s assistance but I think this is more due to Addison being so into everything around her and me not having much practise.

We then went on to use around Ikea, which was quite chilly, so i nipped out the blanket from its handy front pocket and it worked a treat, I love the fact this has a blanket, I haven’t seen another model that does and to me living in England this is a big pro.
I can honestly say the MaByLand Carrier shall be staying in the cupboard once Addison can no longer fit in it so I can use it with the next baby when it comes along, I can’t wait to put it to the test as it has extra support so it can be used facing parent from Newborn. I only wish I had had this when Addison had been born as she was only ever happy against Mummy and this would have saved some arm ache and given me hands and time to perform everyday tasks.

Thank you so much to Kara for reviewing this for me, It sounds like a fab baby carrier. I’m hoping I get to try it out is and when I have another 😉

You can buy the MaByland Trek Snuggle Carrier for just £59.99

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