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Posted on October 3, 2012

Graco Nautilus Elite Review

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For the past year or so I have been an ambassador for Graco and have been sent a few items to review; my time as an ambassador has come to an end but not before I tell you about the gorgeous new Nautilus Elite car seat. We actually reviewed the Graco Nautilus a while back which we loved (review here) so we were excited to see what had changed with the new Nautilus Elite.

Graco Nautilus Elite

Firstly I absolutely love the new design! The black and red looks really great! I really loved all the little extras that are added to the car seat like the drinks holder & the little storage compartments. These are a must for any car seat in my opinion as we never go anywhere without drinks, snacks etc and making sure they are to hand for Bugs is fantastic!

What the website says –

Seat that grows with your child From 9 months to around 12 years (9-36 Kg)

• Reinforced Side Impact protection – added protection for energy absorption in a crash
• 5 Point Safety Harness – ensuring ultimate safety
• Lock off Mechanism – intuitive lock off mechanism for safe and secure seat belt installation
• One hand 5 position height adjustment – grows with child


• Position Adjustable headrest – provides additional safety protection for head injuries in the event of a crash for infants
• Padded Body Support – provides comfort and extra protection for younger children still in group 1
• Integrated cupholder – helps prevents spills and is easily reached by child
• Additional Storage compartments – handy space for snacks and toys
• Armrests – additional comfort for the child
• Reclining Base – extra comfort for the child


Ease of Use
• No Rethread harness – removes the worry and potential misuse from consumers of not properly re-threading the harness as the child grows
• Intuitive seat belt routing – ensures correct fixing for peace of mind installation
• Direct Access Recline Handle – can be reached and adjusted easily
• Can be used with/without harness – ultimate flexibility

Bugs in his Nautilus Elite – Such a big boy now!

As you can see from the above photo Bugs loves his new car seat! It is a brilliant sturdy car seat and fits really well into my VW Golf and I’ve also tried it in James’ Audi and it fits well in there too!  I cannot tell you how much I love the fact that you do not have to re-thread the straps; the harness just grows with your child! I have spent a lot of time cursing car seats where I have had to re-thread straps when they get too small; so that is a huge thumbs up for me!!

One thing that hasn’t been improved that I was hoping it had is the recline… The car seat still doesn’t recline as much as I would like it too – but as Bugs is getting much older now that doesn’t bother me as much as it did do! Please Graco take this on board when designing further car seats, we like our children to actually lie back at little when they are asleep so their poor little heads don’t wobble about everywhere 😉

I love the headrest, it is really well padded and adjustable so you can fit it to your childs height; you can also bring the sides in for added protection!

Overall we love this car seat just as much (If not more) than the Nautilus! I love the fact that it is the only car seat we will need for Bugs now and if we decide to have another child it will be perfect for them from around 9 months.

A huge thank you to Graco for providing me with this car seat to review, we have very much enjoyed being an ambassador for your products and we hope to work with you again in the future 🙂


Posted on January 10, 2012

Graco Junior Maxi Plus Carseat Review

graco/ Review

The lovely people at Graco sent me a Junior Maxi Plus car seat to review recently! The Junior Maxi Plus comes in three Disney designs – Disney Princesses, Toy Story and Cars. Imagine my daughters delight when she was presented with this…

What the website says –
  • Height adjustable head support grows with the child
  • Height adjustable arm rests to give better back support
  • Raised seat and belt guides ensure maximum performance
  • Triple side impact protection
  • Integrated seat belt guide in headrest to always ensure correct position of the seat belt
Ease of Use
  • Colour coded seat belt guides
  • The back can be removed to leave a group 3 booster
  • Iintuitive vehicle belt routing indicated in red
  • 2 retractable cup holders
  • Extra arm padding
  • Height-adjustable head support (grows with child)
  • 2 recline positions for the backrest
  • Height-adjustable armrest
  • Padded armrests
  • 2 position recline
  • Machine washable cover
  • Can be used as a low booster (detachable backrest). To ensure optimal safety and comfort, it is highly recommended to keep the backrest as long as possible
  • 2 retractable cup holders
What we think –
Well Boo obviously couldn’t wait to get her new car seat in the car lol! In fact we had to go out in the car as soon as we got it out of the box. She had just been using a Graco booster seat for a while now but I much prefer her to be on the Junior Maxi Plus! She is far more comfortable and the seat belt doesn’t cut into her neck while she is on the seat! I’m not sure if she is actually anymore secure on it than a booster seat but it does feel like it!

The Junior Maxi Plus was very simple to put together, it came in three separate pieces that just slot together easily. The headrest is adjustable to fit your child, as Boo is quite tall that is a huge bonus. She is the size of a 7 year old and the she fits the seat perfectly! I would definitely recommend the Graco Junior Maxi Plus to everyone.

The age range of the Graco Junior Maxi Plus is 3-12 years (15-36kg) so it really is a fantastic purchase that will last for many years!

Posted on September 7, 2011

Graco Nautilus Car Seat Review


I received a Graco Nautilus car seat to review recently – it was perfect timing as Bugs was just getting too big for his first stage car seat and the Nautilus is perfect as it is Group 1, 2 and 3 (9-36kgs) – so this is the only car seat that we will ever need for him now! Which is brilliant and what i think makes it a brilliant buy at just £129.95 on Amazon!

Graco Nautilus


  • Side impact protection
  • 5 point harness
  • Lock-off mechanism
  • Group 1 Stage: 9 to 18 kilos with in-built harness and harness protect
  • Group 2, 3 Stage: 15 to 36 kilos – please remove harness and use with a seat belt
Ease of use
  • Direct-access recline handle
  • Intuitive belt routing
  • One-hand adjustable head support
  • Height adjustment (grows with child)
  • Machine washable cover- Integrated cup holder
  • Storage compartments
Bugs sits in the Nautilus for the first time!
What do we love about the Nautilus –
My first impressions on taking it out of the box were that it is a big sturdy car seat. As you can see from the photo above Bugs looks extremely comfortable and happy on his first try :O)
The seat is very spacious & comfy & all of the straps are really well padded which is great as there is nothing worse than having straps cutting into your shoulders or neck!
The Nautilus is really easy to fit into the car – we have a VW Golf & and Audi and it fits well into both and feels really safe and secure once fitted! Which is crucial for me – if it moved about at all I would be having panic attacks every time we went out – but thankfully when fitted properly it will hardly budge!
The drinks holder is really handy and a great size also it has two hidden compartments too which Bugs now keeps a few small toys in – I also put my car keys in there when getting him in and out so I have use of both hands :))
The cover is completely machine washable which is vital with a toddler/child in my opinion! Especially for those that suffer with travel sickness!!
Big Boy in his Big Boy Car Seat 🙂
Happy in the Nautilus
What could be improved?
The only thing that I would change on this car seat would be that it would recline back further!
I would highly recommend the Graco Nautilus – We are extremely happy with it – Bugs is super comfy and rides safely in style & will last him for YEARS!  :O)
Posted on August 8, 2011

Graco U’Go Review

graco/ Review

As a Graco Ambassador I am very lucky to be sent brilliant Graco products to try out and review. A couple of weeks ago I was sent the Graco U’Go. I had been looking around for a great little buggy for Bugs to use on holidays etc So was over the moon to be able to try this one out for Graco!

The U’go comes in a very compact box and is very easy to put together, just clip the wheels into place and put the hood on and you’re off!

The first thing I noticed about the U’go is that the seat is lovely and padded and looks really really comfy – unlike many other buggies out there! So I was super impressed with that! As too was Bugs who absolutely LOVES sitting in it! The seat pad is machine washable and the U’go can be used without the seat pad if you are worried about not being able to use it whilst the seat pad is being washed!  It also has 5 different recline settings too which is brilliant and Bugs will happily fall asleep in it and looks really comfy when he does!

One major thing that troubles me about many buggies is the handle height and I am so relieved and happy to say that the height of the u’gos handles are perfect! I am 5ft 9″ and alot of buggies that do not have adjustable handles like the Quinny Zapp extra and far too low for me! The u’go handles do not adjust but I don’t need them too! They are perfect!

The U’go folds very easily umbrella style and has a brilliant carry handle that makes carrying it from place to place super easy! It just squeezes into the boot of my Golf diagonally as it is quite long when folded… but it fits ;O)

My U’go didn’t come with a raincover but I was sent a Graco universal one which works perfectly with it! Very easy to get on and off and will also cover bags etc if you have them on the handles 🙂

One of my absolute favourite features about the pushchair is that it has a pocket on the back of the hood which is just so incredibly handy for keys, purse etc when just going a quick walk to the shop or park! Love it!!

This is my main pushchair now and I use it everywhere we go! It’s very light, easy to push & steer and I would happily buy another one!

 What we LOVE!!!

  • Handles are a good height
  • Very comfy and well padded
  • Reclines flat
  • Good size shopping basket
  • Carry handle
  • 5 point harness
  • Swivel wheels
  • Easy to push
  • Easy to fold
  • Pocket in the back of hood

Where to buy –

I just had a quick look round online to see where you can buy and who has a great price as I always try and find the best price before I buy an item!

BabyThings4U have it  in stock at £84.98
Kiddicare have it for £84.00 with free delivery!

Posted on March 9, 2011

Mummy Loves Graco’s Contempo Highchair!

graco/ weaning

I am very lucky to have come second place in Graco’s Symbio contest a couple of months ago and was made a Graco Ambassador! Which basically means Graco sends me fab products to try out and review for them! A couple of weeks ago we were sent the Graco Contempo Highchair this was perfect timing as Bugs was just starting weaning!

The Contempo was extremely easy to put together (seriously even I managed to do it) all that really need to be done was put the castor’s on, I managed to put them on without problem and then after about half an hour I realised I had put the back ones on the wrong way round! Seriously I am such a numpty at times! I blame that on having 3 kids because I was never as dizzy before ;O) Anyway we received the Contempo in Gorgeous Butterfly Blue but it does come in a couple of other designs too! If I was choosing though I would have definitely gone for this design! Perfect for a girl or boy in my opinion!
The highchair has six different height positions which is absolutely brilliant! It fits perfectly at our dining table so Bugs can join in all our family meals and I can also have him so low that I can sit on the floor and feed him too! It folds very flat and stands alone very sturdily once folded, so it can be slid down the side of a cupboard or something when not in use. We are lucky enough to have lots of room so ours just sits at the dining table all the time ready for it’s next use! It is very light too and I am often moving it around the house at snack time so Bugs can sit and snack whilst I get on it the kitchen. 
The seat is lovely and padded and appears very very comfy indeed! It also reclines very easily to 3 different positions and I would happily leave him in there for a nap if he was to fall asleep whilst eating! Which many kids do but Bugs has yet to! The seat is very easy to clean and has no little nooks and crannies for food to get trapped in! Every single bit of it is accessible! The seat pad is also removable!
It has a really good 5 point harness and I am very happy that Bugs is safe, secure and comfortable in it! It comes with two trays one of which is removable and can be washed in the dishwasher! We are very very happy with the Contempo and can honestly say that I can not find ANYTHING negative to say about it! So not surprisingly it won  the award for ‘Best Highchair’ in the 2011 Mumsnet Best Awards and was also spotted just the other day in The Independents Top 10 highchairs – coming in at number 6! Personally I think they were robbed of 1st place but still!!
Why not join Graco on facebook & Twitter as they are always running different competitions for you to win their fab products!!
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