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Posted on June 25, 2014

When Two becomes One…

General Chit Chat/ personal

After being told at the weekend that my blog wasn’t interesting I thought it would be a good time to shake things up and change that.

I announced the other day that Finding my Inner Girl is no more! I have now transferred all the posts over from there to here so my inner girl now lives on this blog 🙂

I will be having a big redesign soon because I am so bored of this look! This Mummy Loves has been like this for 2.5 years now and it really is boring!

I’ll still be blogging here as I have always been but there will be lots more personal posts about me and the things that I love! I’ll also be talking about my new Paleo lifestyle and getting fit again!

I really cannot keep up with two blogs it is such hard work, This Mummy Loves is my baby and will be 4 in September (watch out for my big birthday bash), I have lots of fun ideas and can’t wait to start sharing them with you; starting with a brand new linky for kids launching on the 1st of July! Draw with Me will be continuing as well 🙂

My mumpreneur feature is an ongoing thing so if you are a Mum with a business then please do feel free to get in touch to be featured here 🙂

I am also doing the Race for Life Pretty Muddy in September… I NEED your help to raise money! Everyone who sponsors me will get a link back to your blog/business over on my sponsors page until the end of the year 🙂

So please if you were readers of Finding my Inner Girl and/or this blog then please please stick around because things are going to be getting better!! 😉

Posted on June 4, 2014

Getting Muddy & Raising Money!

General Chit Chat

If you have followed my blogs for a while you will know that back in 2011 I did my first Race for Life and then last year Boo & I ran it together as a Mum/daughter team 🙂  This year I’m doing something a little different…  I am taking part in Race for Life ‘Pretty Muddy’ and I need your help to raise some money for Cancer Research UK.

Photo 09-06-2013 11 24 01

I don’t confess to being a great runner and running the whole 5K is quite tough for me so adding in a muddy obstacle course is going to be rather difficult although I will be doing some training so I don’t look like a complete arse on the day 😉

Boo is rather unhappy that she isn’t allowed to join in with this one, she really enjoyed it last year but unfortunately you have to be 13 to participate.

As usual every business or blogger that sponsors me will get their badge or link put on my sponsors page over on This Mummy Loves… until the end of the year, so the sooner you sponsor me the longer it will appear :O) Email me at with your badge/link once you have sponsored me and I will add it.

Please sponsor me now, even if it is just £1 – every penny helps xx

Thank you so much xx

Posted on May 15, 2014

A Whole Year…

General Chit Chat/ Health & Fitness

I did it. I can’t believe I got through a whole year without smoking!!

Photo 13-05-2014 10 42 30

It’s been incredibly difficult at times and on a few drunken occasions I have been almost on the verge of buying a packet but thanks to my other half I manage to resist the urge!!

I don’t get cravings very often any more but occasionally they come back, they’re much easier to cope with nowadays.

Unfortunately I didn’t continue putting the money I would have spent on cigs to one side. I bought myself a few treats in the early days and then it just became part of the household budget.

So almost two grand!!! I think I’d be putting it towards a holiday if I had saved it. We are really ready for a holiday. I’m desperate to get the kids splashing about in the sea and playing in the sand.

I think we are going to go away to the canaries for a week in October half term, just have to wait for J to start his new job to make sure he can get the time off then.

Really looking forward to him starting his new job; he’ll be much closer to home, no three hours on the road everyday, more holidays and more money so much more family time which is really what we all need!!!

Only good things go into my body nowadays after starting the Paleo diet! Which I am still loving; lots more info on that over the coming weeks 🙂

Posted on May 6, 2014

A New Way of Living…

General Chit Chat/ Health & Fitness/ Nails/ Paleo

So the last you heard of me I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do for me, to give me a bit of time! Well I can say I actually managed to do a few of those things on my list…

  1. Paint my nails
  2. Get my legs waxed
  3. Finish reading The Husband’s Secret
  4. Get outside everyday
  5. Start reading up on the Paleo diet
  6. Listen to more music
  7. Declutter my bedroom
  8. Chuck out old clothes
  9. Buy a new outfit
  10. Meet up with a friend

I didn’t manage to get my legs waxed! Ha ha you should see them! I really must make that appointment TODAY!!

I painted my nails… I love doing my nails and I love the Sensationail kit that I use! This colour is called Bombshell Beauty and is just lovely!

Photo 02-05-2014 13 38 32

The most life changing thing I did on my list was to read up on the Paleo diet. I read and read and read and I came to the conclusion that this really sounded like it was for me. So as of last Monday I started on the Paleo diet, not dieting, not watching the calories just 100% Paleo and I just love it!

The first 3-4 days I felt dreadful, I felt like I was walking round in a fog and I couldn’t remember anything, then on day 4 I walked out of it and my head has never been clearer! I’ve felt like that ever since and I just cannot believe the change in me! My energy level are through the roof and I feel amazing! Oh and 4lbs off in my first week was a little extra bonus too 😉

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Ruth at Let Her Eat Clean at this point because she was the person that introduced me to Paleo and following her eating clean journey is just so inspiring! More recently Jane from Northern Mum has blown me away with her progress since beginning the Paleo diet. So thank you ladies for giving me the push to do this!

I feel amazing, happy and cannot wait to continue on this Paleo journey 🙂

Posted on April 18, 2014

It’s been a while…

General Chit Chat

It’s been ages since I last posted here, I just feel like i have nothing to say most of the time. I spend all of my time thinking about the kids and family and just put how I feel and look to the back of my mind. I really don’t need to look or feel good whilst I’m running around after the kids all the time, cleaning, cooking etc.

I just feel like there is no point!

But there is a point, isn’t there?

I have to take care of myself in order to be able to take care of everyone else. I need to start putting myself first because otherwise life is just going to keep passing me by!

These last few weeks I’ve let the diet go out of the window again, I’ve hit the self destruct button and Im having trouble finding the will to stop! I know I need to drastically change my current lifestyle but it is so bloody hard!!!

I don’t give myself anytime unless it is on the internet so this week I’m just going to step back and do a few things for me. It won’t be easy as I have the kids at home all week but I need to!

So here are ten things that I am going to do for me this week…

  1. Paint my nails
  2. Get my legs waxed
  3. Finish reading The Husband’s Secret
  4. Get outside everyday
  5. Start reading up on the Paleo diet
  6. Listen to more music
  7. Declutter my bedroom
  8. Chuck out old clothes
  9. Buy a new outfit
  10. Meet up with a friend

I’m going to try and keep writing lists for myself as I always function better when I have a list.

I need to remember that I am important and I need to go easy on myself and stop beating myself up!

Let’s see how it goes…

Posted on February 23, 2014

Could 2014 be our year?

General Chit Chat

I’ve been neglecting my little blog here for a while now… the truth is I just haven’t had anything positive to say and I just hate being so negative and down all the time. My weight loss wasn’t really going anywhere and I’ve just been feeling like a bloody mess most of the time, I’m so lonely too, I just need to pick myself up out of this stupid place I’ve got myself to and move on! I need to get out with friends and start seeing and meeting more people or I really am going to go crazy!

Weight wise things are looking up, I’ve been following Slimming World since just before Christmas and I’ve now lost 8.5lbs and am feeling much better about the direction I am going in. It’s slow currently and I did gain some weight over Christmas which was to be expected but I’m feeling better and more in control. So hopefully I can shed a couple of stone now my head is in the right place again!

I really need a kick up the arse to start working out again! I haven’t been able to find the time for the past few months as my other half has been working such long hours plus weekends so it’s been really hard, hopefully this will change…

For the last few years my other half has been working 60 miles away but today he has signed a contract for a new job which is just FIVE miles from home! He doesn’t start until June because he has to work three months notice but OMG we have been waiting for this for so long and it could actually change our lives! So we are currently very excited and making some big plans… :O)

So 2014 started of a bit shitty but it’s looking like it really could be our year… *fingers crossed*

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